10 Best Hair Transplant Clinics in India

Choosing the hair transplant clinic in India is one of the most important tasks when you are about to receive the procedure. The procedure of hair transplant involves the surgical removal of grafts from the donor area to the recipient part via the process of hair root extraction. The extraction job on the surgery weighs a topmost importance as it facilitates the option of obtaining the grafts that are needed to implant into the areas of the balding portion. However, it is critically concerned to save every graft as well as extract them minutely in order to attain the best number of hair roots to fulfil the restoration goal. It is mandatory to receive the procedure only from the expert plastic & cosmetic surgeons who have expertise in the field for many years. The best hair transplant clinics in India provide you with the option with the best availability of the surgeon at a budget-cost option.

In this article, we are mentioning the list of the 10 Best Hair Transplant Clinics in India is as follows:

  1. Medispa Hair Transplant Centre: Dr Suneet Soni is a profound and prolific hair transplant surgeon and has in-depth expertise in the hair transplant procedure, whether it is FUT, FUE or the combined method of the FUT+FUE (Giga/Mega sessions) of hair transplants. He is one of the trailblazing experts in the field of hair transplantation due to the outstanding ability to conduct successful hair transplant procedures in continuum viz. advanced FUT, FUE as well as the Giga/Mega sessions of hair transplants. He states that the hair transplant procedure is a combination of art and science. He headed the Medispa Hair transplant clinics in the location of Jaipur and New Delhi.
  2. Berkowits Hair Transplant Clinic: Berkowits hair transplant clinic established in 1986 and introduced many initiatives in the field of skin and hair care since then. This clinic comes under top listing and attracted clients/patients across the globe. Berkowits clinic comprised of the best infrastructure, expert professionals, experienced technicians, and the standard measure for hygiene and safety concerns sets this clinic apart from other hair transplant clinic in India.
  3. Satya Hair Transplant Clinic: Satya hair transplant clinic is the joint venture of Dr Shaiil Agarwal and Dr Ruchi Gupta. The motto of this clinic is to provide the expert advice as well as the best solution regarding the hair loss problem and the clinic achieved the same by the joint contribution of both the expert Doctors in India.
  4. Dr A’s Clinic: Dr Arvind Poswal, a renowned plastic & cosmetic surgeon in India headed A’s Clinic is known for their professional quality of services at an affordable cost. Dr A’s clinic is delivering the best results in the field of plastic & cosmetic surgeries, especially in the hair transplant and satisfied a lot of patients from both national and international.
  5. Eugenix Skin and Hair Sciences: This clinic is headed by topmost professionals in hair transplant like Dr Akira Bansal and Dr pradeep Sethi. This clinic is known for updating the latest technology time-to-time in the field of dermatology. Eugenix maintains the highest standard towards performing the plastic & cosmetic surgeries and ranked top in India for offering the quality hair transplant results.
  6. Cocoona Centre for Aesthetic Transformation: Cocoona hair transplant centre is based on the concept of transformation where you can feel comfortable, secured, and safe. This centre is dedicated to offering the quality hair loss treatment by the expert hands of the hair surgeons. Cocoona has three operational centres in India viz. Delhi, Ludhiana, and Nagpur along with two corporate offices in Dubai.
  7. Hair & Senses- Hair Transplant Clinic: Hair & Senses hair transplant clinic has the veteran hair experts and continuously giving the contribution to the field of hair restoration. They offer free consultation facilities to help the respective patients with a goal of achieving the best treatment facilities and care in India.
  8. Dermalife: The principal Dermatologist at Dermalife is Dr Gaurav Garg, a reputed hair transplant surgeon in India. Dermalife clinic is counted under the category of the best clinic for the hair transplant in India. It is a centre for excellence and has the main goal of attaining the aesthetic hair transplant results.
  9. Reviva Clinic: Reviva clinic is a pioneer centre in for the hair transplant in India, provides the advanced FUE technique for the hair root implantation. This clinic was established by the pioneer FUE hair transplant surgeon, Dr Prandeep Sohi in 2008. The Reviva clinic caters to both national and international patients and made a record by achieving the remarkable presence in the hair transplant market.
  10. Harleys Clinic: At the Harleys hair transplant clinic one can get the best facilities of the hair transplant services given by the internationally trained and expert hair transplant professionals. Dr Sumit Agrawal, MS, MCh, MRCS (UK) giving his service at Harleys Clinic and has a credit of offering the best natural results of the surgery.


On the whole, we can say that choosing the hair transplant clinic as well as the surgeon is a big job while finalizing the decision for receiving the procedure needs an in-depth research work and knowledge to catch the best selection.

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