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17 Questions To Ask Your Potential Wedding Caterer

Choosing the right wedding caterer is vital in order to have a hit wedding. While everyone, of course, goes to celebrate your love, a lot of your guests will be expecting you to have good food as well. To ensure that your wedding food is amazing, you need the right catering. To know what king of catering York PA is right for you, here are 17 questions that you should ask a wedding caterer before hiring them.

How Early Should We Book?

Typically, wedding caterers have a minimum booking time to allow for preparations. This is why you should try to search around for wedding caterers as early as possible. It may be better to get one that needs to be booked at least a month ahead.

Do We Get a Food Tasting Before We Book You?

It’s crucial that the caterer allows you to have a food tasting before you even book them. This will help you determine whether the food is good or not, from how the temperature and look of it when it arrives at the table.

Is the Menu Customizable?

The food may be good, but it may not be for everybody. Ask them if you can have the menu customized for certain guests or according to your preferences.

Do You Have Seasonal Dishes?

Caterers that take advantage of food that is in season know what they’re doing. This helps keep the food tasting fresh and delicious.

Do You Have Set Packages?

If you’re stuck on options, you might be able to choose a set menu from the wedding caterer.

Can I Create My Own Menu?

Versatile catering York PA will offer you the chance to make your own menu from top to bottom.

Do You Need Equipment?

Some wedding caterers may require you to hire equipment for their services. However, some that have been in the field long enough may have the equipment ready.

Do You Know the Venue?

If they know the venue, they have an advantage. That means that they know their way around.

Do You Have a Kid’s Menu

Let’s face it, kids don’t like the same food as adults. Ask them if they have kid-friendly options for some of your guests.

What Beverages Do You Offer?

Besides booze, things such as juice, tea, and coffee are crucial for weddings. Ask the caterer what beverage options they have.

Do You Have a Backup Plan?

If the head of the catering is sick on the wedding day, what will happen? Ask them if they have plans for any bad scenarios that could happen.

Where Do You Get Your Ingredients From?

Another critical question to ask them is where they get their ingredients from. While everyone wants a good deal, you don’t want them to skimp out on the quality for poor ingredients.

Do You Make Wedding Cakes?

You might be able to save time and money by asking them if they will create your wedding cake too.

Do We Get Discounts?

Ask them if there are ways to save money.

Do You Have Your Own Staff?

Make sure you know whether or not they come with their own staff to serve the food.

What’s Your Refund Policy?

You might suddenly change the wedding date, so you better know their refund policy.

How Many Weddings Have You Catered Before?

More experience means a better catering service.

Before booking your wedding caterer, don’t forget to ask them the 17 questions above to help make sure you have the best food possible.

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