3 Prevalent Misconceptions about Hair Loss & Solution with Hair Transplants

The majority of people, both men and women experience hair loss at some point in time in life. The reason behind, causing the hair loss might be anything, but the case presented by the genetic factor is termed as Androgenic alopecia is a case of baldness affects both men and women. The hair loss of the genetic factor is also known as the male pattern baldness and female pattern of baldness with a different state of hair loss, which rated on the Norwood scale for male pattern baldness.

As we have already mentioned that it has a different form and state of hair loss in both the genders and that is why the measure of preventing or controlling option is applied after a careful evaluation by the expert hair transplant Surgeon. It is mandatory to undergo the pre-procedure consultation if you are losing an extreme state of hair loss. A vital consultation is always helpful in order to know about the causes of baldness and can be sorted out efficiently and effectively if you possess the good donor area, i.e., a healthy back and sides of the scalp.

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The hair transplant in Delhi gives you the option of getting the procedure done at an affordable cost with the prime benefits of the best expertise hand of the Surgeon satisfy you with the best cosmetic benefits of the procedure. As far as hair transplant cost in Delhi is concerned, it is also a cost-effective option that made a turn-on for the clients/path both nationally and internationally.

The form of hair loss is different in both the genders and must be evaluated in a very early stage in order to prevent the further loss and the consultation plays a major role in identifying the particular state of hair loss

Here we are mentioning the form of hair loss in both the genders as follows:

  1. Hair Loss in Men: The hair loss in men is presented by the Androgenic alopecia can start with the receding hairlines from the top and the front area of the scalp. The receding hairline gradually increases and the hair loss affects the crown and mid-crown as well, except the back and sides of the scalp, which is known as the DHT-resistant zone that never falls out and extensively used in the hair transplant procedure. The hair loss in men’s presence with the roman letter-M termed as the M-shaped loss in men with affecting the top, front, and crown area as well. The Norwood classes of baldness are presented with various classes that may range from class I to class VII.
  2. Hair Loss in Women: The hair loss due to Androgenic alopecia in women generally presented with the extensive thinning of hair, mainly from the top and the crown area of the scalp with an extensive hair fall. The hair loss due to the genetic factor in women is termed as the female pattern of baldness even though the sign of complete or partial baldness is not presented because of the male sex hormone Androgen responsibilities behind the causes. The female hairline is round and the hair loss affects almost all the areas of the scalp with the extreme hair thinning from the top and a front portion.
  • Prevalent Misconceptions about Hair Loss are as follows:
  • Maternal side is responsible for the Baldness: The Androgenic alopecia is a genetic hair loss, which genes are transferred from either parent and both maternal and paternal sides are responsible for the inheritance of hair loss genes from one generation to the next and therefore saying of only maternal sides are responsible is not correct anymore!
  • Your hair sheds more than normal: It is very common to lose hair in the ranges of 90-100 hair daily as it is a part of hair growth cycle that has 3 phases, namely, the Anagen (growing), Catagen (resting), and the Telogen (shedding) phase. However, in some particular condition the hair sheds more than these numbers of hair strands and can maximize up to the 120-150 hair strands daily as an effect of the stress caused hair loss, Telogen effluvium or we can say that as a result of the chronic disease, thyroid imbalance, medications or traumatic conditions or chemotherapy that can be controlled with the certain medications prescribed by your hair loss Doctor. Since the causes of hair loss other than Androgenic alopecia have only time being effective and can be sorted out after a certain interval of time and hence saying that the hair sheds more than normal is just a misconception in these particular phases.
  • Medicines don’t Work: If hair loss is temporary and a patient is under age for receiving the hair transplant procedure, then the hair transplant Doctors recommend certain medications to control the hair loss problem to some extent until and unless a patient doesn’t attain the eligibility criteria to receive the hair transplant procedure. However, we can say that medications can be allowed and does work only if it is recommended by the expert Doctor/Surgeon at the right time with a right evaluation of the state of hair loss.


On the whole, we can say that the state of hair loss must be correctively analyzed by the Surgeon before recommending the procedure of hair transplant so that the cosmetic benefits and advantages of the procedure can be achieved with a greater extent. The hair transplant procedure is only allowed if a person has crossed the maturity state and elder than 25 years in order to achieve the best aesthetic benefits of the restoration procedure.

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