3 Reasons Why You Need a Weightless Conditioner

There are thousands of types of hair conditioner on the market today; from moisture-rich formulas and deep conditioning treatments, to leave-in conditioners, reconstructors, and acidic rinses, finding the best conditioner for your hair type seem virtually impossible. Fortunately, there is a new type of conditioning treatment that offers an array of benefits for all types of hair. A weightless conditioner, like that from Nu Skin, is designed to offer luscious conditioning advantages without weighing down your hair. Check out additional benefits, below.

Restore youthful softness and smoothness

A weightless hair conditioner has the ability to transform dry, dull hair into youthful, soft, smooth locks. If you look at a strand of hair under a microscope, you’ll see flaky, dead skin cells forming a cuticle layer over the fragile inner layers of your hair. The average person has anywhere between 120,000 and 150,000 hair strands that can look frizzy or limp when these overlying cuticles start to get worn down. However, a weightless conditioner is made with amino acids that makes the cuticle flakes call tightly against each other to prevent hair strands from getting tangled or breaking off. Once these cuticle flakes are revived, your hair feels smooth and soft again.

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Maximize manageability

When it comes to maximizing manageability, weightless conditioner is key. Thanks to the acidic components of a weightless conditioner, your hair can benefit from improved smoothness and shine. Similarly, these amino acids also have the ability to detangle knots and snags without weighing down the hair or compromising manageability.

Get luscious hydration

One of the main ingredients in weightless conditioner is called meadowfoam seed oil. This unique product, made from limnanthes alba, has superb anti-oxidant properties that offer top-notch softness and silkiness. Unlike other conditioners that can weigh down hair, weightless conditioner provides unparalleled volume without weighing down hair. Meadowfoam locks moisture into the hair shaft, making the hair seem fuller and more luscious.

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Improve your hair’s look and feel

Perhaps the biggest benefit of weightless conditioner is that it quickly improves the look and feel of damaged hair. After just seven days of using a weightless conditioner, you’ll find that your hair looks visibly younger and healthier. The unique acid/meadowfoam formula actually improves the condition of hair shaft, which promotes youthful hair that feels full and looks radiant.


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