Advantages and uses of Diagnostic machines

Today advancement in technology is at its peak all around the world. Scientist and engineers are researching each and every particular product, modifications and advancement are there. Medical equipment is the best example of the advancement in technology. Doctors are using so many advanced techniques to diagnose the human body. This technology helps the doctors to find out some defaults and diseases in human body to take cure against them.

There are wide ranges of medical equipment which are used by doctors to diagnose the human body. Doctors can capture inside images of the human body, by advanced diagnostic techniques like MRI, Ultrasound, CT scan, X-rays, Fluoroscopy and Interventional Radiology. You can get these types of imaging done at places like  Intermountain Medical Imaging. Some of the imaging techniques are mentioned below.


This is one of the most common techniques used by the doctors to diagnose the bones and the other human body parts at small level. X rays are a machine which captures the image of bones and other antibodies in white color and other entire organs and parts in black color. This machine passes a shot of electromagnetic waves from the body and photographic film was there to capture the internal view. The emitted electromagnetic waves are absorbed by the denser parts of the body as compared to less dense areas which allow the waves to pass throw it. There is function to control the power level of the magnetic waves, if there is patient with the pregnancy then magnetic waves are reduced to a low level. These waves may be harmful to the fetus if the radiation is high. X-rays takes hardly 10 minutes to get ready.

CT scan

It is big revolution in the medical field which helps to diagnose the human body from inside. In this machine, you can diagnose the particular human body part with 360 views of it. It also gives you the exact measurements (length, breadth, and height) of the particular body organ. Doctors can use this machine to find foreign bodies, swellings, organ infections, muscles problems, and other severe issues.


Ultrasound machines are also used to capture the images inside the human body. This is a sound based machine which emits high-frequency waves of the sound which are not listened by the humans because a human can listen only 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz of sound frequency and it is more than it. This machine is not harmful to human body because it does not contain any kind of harmful radiations in it as compared to the X-rays and other Imaging machines. This machine is used by the doctors to check fetes. Ultrasound machines are also used by engineers to detect the broken part of metals etc. this machine is used by the doctors to diagnose pregnancy and other internal organs of the human body.

The above-mentioned machines are used by the radiologist’s department in a hospital. Radiologists are experts maintaining the frequency of the machine so it cannot harm to the human body. This is going to help you in having knowledge about various diagnostic machines and Image capturing machines of the human internal body.

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