Ailments and Diseases That Require Elder Care Services St Paul

As your parents begin to advance in age, they unfortunately become susceptible to more diseases, ailments and disorders. Thankfully, some of these ailments and diseases can be easily managed with proper medical care and attention. But when is the right time to move your ageing parents to elder care services St Paul? While this question is best answered by a professional medical care practitioner, you can expect individual suffering from the following diseases will most likely require extra level of care and assistance provided by elder care services St Paul

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Some of the common ailments that affect the elderly are dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. And as the diseases progresses, the condition of the patients worsens. Alzheimer’s attacks the brain thus manipulating ones way of thinking and behavioral attitude. How fast the disease progresses depend on the affected individual. Elderly over the age of 60 are more likely to be affected by Alzheimer’s or dementia and they live for about 9 years on average after the diagnosis. At the early stages, it starts with memory problems, but as the disease worsens, the affected individual will suffer from confusion, find it difficult to recall people’s face including those closest to him or her and have difficulty with simple tasks, writing and speech. It is only a matter of time before the person will require elder care services St Paul.

Another disease that requires moving your ageing parent to elder care services St Paul is Parkinson’s disease. Often times, people do not suffer severely from it. However, just like any ailment, it can worsen over time if not given proper care and attention. Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder that negatively affects the brain. Symptoms include slow movement, inability to move, tremors, and rigid limbs. If the individual does not seek immediate help, he or she will have a much harder time completing daily tasks. In the late stages, symptoms that may develop include difficulty swallowing, severe tremors, confusion, and problems with balance. In this case, the individual cannot take care of himself thus the need for extra assistance. Elder care services St Paul provides utmost assistance for those who have difficulty performing daily tasks.

If you feel that your loved ones are having difficulties living on their own, seek out elder care services St Paul.

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