Are Rehabilitation Centers the Best Way to Treat Addiction?

The social effects of addiction are just as adverse as the health consequences. Addiction ruins the life of not only the affected person but also everyone around them including members of the community. Most people suffering from addiction follow a similar pathological pattern as people suffering from diabetes. Both result from hormonal imbalance. Drugs cause a release of the hormone dopamine which has a euphoric effect on the body. Drugs like cocaine and heroin release such massive amounts that the body becomes dependent. The physical and mental health disorders that are caused by addiction require professional treatment.

How Much Do Rehabilitation Center Cost?

First, the cost of treatment of professional rehabilitation is offset by its benefits. A full rehabilitation center would cost around $6,000 dollars which includes aftercare. The amount varies depending on the location of the center, the facilities and amenities offered and the period of treatment required. The chances of treating addiction are vastly increased in rehabilitation centers. The patient can regularly engage in group therapy as part of the rehabilitation process.

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The amount of money saved in terms of the social and economic effects of a drug addict being left outside a controlled environment are substantial. The cost of addiction cuts into a patients finances insidiously before the patient realizes. .Addicts usually find it difficult to pay off debt but always have money to buy drugs. The haze of addiction makes it impossible for the patient to see the impact of drugs on their finances. Over time the accumulated losses stretch to their limits and they may suffer serious financial problems.

Benefits of a Rehabilitation Center

The Seasons in Malibu is a drug rehab treatment center that can guide the family and the patient through the process of healing. Inpatient care for recovering addicts offers a better chance of recovery than any other treatment method. It offers the patient a more structured environment to undergo the recovery process. The patient is surrounded by round the clock support systems to help them on the road to recovery. This removes the ability of the patient to access any drugs or substances that can slide them back into the disease.

Looking for the ideal rehab institution for your loved one? The Seasons in Malibu drug rehab recovery program offers services for families, individuals and communities all across North America in a bid to understand addiction in order to properly treat the disease.

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