Baldness: Major Cause of Hair Loss

In most people, baldness is a most common problem that begins to evolve with the hair loss issue. This is a common phenomenon that affects both women and men of all countries. It is primarily caused due to the decrease in the number of active hair follicles. Baldness affects individuals in numerous ways, especially; it affects the appearance of the person affected by it. There are many potential reasons that cause the problem but the most common reasons are the genetics, certain hormonal changes, and some diseases that make them lose more hair early in the life.

What is the Main Cause of Hair Loss?

In the scientific terms, Baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia is commonly known as male pattern baldness which starts from the thinning of the hair and significant hair loss. It is a universal change in both female and male alike. Baldness in men is at a 98% level worldwide with more of this percentage being men over 36 years of age. For others, they find cases of baldness as early as by their 26th year.

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The fact is that it is well documented that the genetics of an individual play a big role as a cause of hair loss. The other cause of hair loss for men is the androgen hormones such as dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and testosterone. It is believed that the faster a man gets to lose their hair, the more androgens a man has.

In women, this cause of hair loss is not very much common but is necessary to find those who have been affected by this. Furthermore, it increases very slowly in women as compared to in men. They also can inherit the bald type of hair loss from their family. During the time of their puberty, the baldness patterns begin to manifest themselves slowly. It comes very fast for some and to others; it may not come at all. There can be any reason behind this and when it comes to the younger generation, another possibility can be the effect of ADHD in children.

So, there can be many causes of hair loss which ultimately leads to the baldness, which is commonly found in men. There is also a possibility of getting the Female baldness patterns though they are slower to develop and less noticeable. It can only be found when these women reach puberty. This baldness may occur at the top of the women’s heads.

Over the years, we have witnessed the invention of a number of alternatives that can be used to cure the problem, the progression in the field and towards developing a way of reducing the impact of the hair loss is still in the continuation.

If we can identify the cause of the problem, we may treat it accordingly to get the most effective results.

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