Benefits and Side Effects of Using Clexane 40mg

Clexane 40 mg is a great drug used to treat blood clots and is also used to prevent then such that there is less risk of getting a stroke. It is very effective in its work and has many benefits that can be spoken of. However, some of the side effects of the drug may be a bit worrying to the patient which is why it is important to be aware of them so as not to get too alarmed simply because of a simple effect. It is also important to monitor the effects in case they become too much, you can inform the doctor.

Prevents blood clots


The drug works as a blood thinner so as to prevent the formation of blood clots in the body of patients. By doing this, it is less likely that the patient will get a stroke.

Treats heart disease


When used with aspirin, enoxaparin is used in the treatment of heart diseases for patients who have had a heart attack or have angina.

Before surgery


It is a common drug to be prescribed to patients before having a hip or abdominal surgery. This is because these surgeries are likely to cause blood clots so the drug is used to thin it and prevent the clots from forming.

Patients on bed rest


Patients who are on bed rest do not get a lot of movement hence they are at a risk of forming blood clots; this is why it is given to them since it prevents this from happening.

When not to use Clexane




There are certain types of stroke that make it unsuitable to use Clexane 40mg so you need to be careful about it.



If you have stomach ulcers, Clexane would not be the best drug to use since it may worsen the condition.

Heart infection


A bacterial infection in the heart would make using Clexane difficult and it may not be the best option for you.

Side effects




This is a dangerous side effect that may happen in some patients where there may be bleeding from the nose or lengthy bleeding from cuts. In case you see this and it persists for long, you will need to inform your doctor.

Nausea/ fever/diarrhea


These are some of the lesser effects however, it is important to keep hydrated so as to replenish the water that is lost through diarrhea.

Swollen legs


This happens only in some people but as long as it is not painful, there is nothing to be too worried about.



The red blood cells count may reduce considerably due to thinning. The doctor should be in a position to offer help in the event that this happens.

Clexane 40mg is a common drug that is recommended for patients either in hospital or at home to help in preventing the formation of blood clots. The side effects, however bad only occur to some patients and some of the wear off in a short while and if not, the doctor should advice accordingly.


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