Body building foods for vegetarians

All the sports persons are the calorie conscious people who love to go for high protein diet which is low in calories and fat. They assume that these nutrients can be attained from the animal meat or their by products, thus leaving the vegetarian sports person dumb and confused as what to eat to get the body in shape. It could be heartwarming news for them that there are high protein vegetables which could provide you a good alternate to the animal protein diet.

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Vegetarian super foods for you

  • Kale: This is a leafy vegetable which could be added to any of your diet. This contains a number of micro nutrients along with 3gm of protein per cup and fiber thiamine, foliate magnesium and iron. It is super food in real sense. It should be a must to eat for everyone who wishes to keep their body in shape.
  • Broccoli : This is one of  the food  which provides 100% daily intake of vitamin C and K along with 2.6 gm of fat free protein per cup along with foliate which prevents cancer. This could be eaten as the main food or as salad or taken as soup. It always forms a good diet for the sports person.
  • Peas: One cup of pea contains 9gm of protein and 5.5 gm of fiber. It is also a good source of vitamin A, C, thiamine, phosphorus and iron. Peas could be added to any of the vegetable curries and can be eaten as raw food too.
  • Asparagus: This vegetable is known for its unique quality of reducing the water content of the body. Thus, this food is highly recommended for those who want to reduce their weight without going for diet. Every 100gm of asparagus contains 2.4 gm of protein along with rich amount of fiber along with vitamin K, potassium and antioxidant.

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