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Propecia (Finasteride 1 mg)

The most common problem faced by the men’s in their life is the problem of hair loss at the age of 30 which causes spot baldness also known as Alopecia areata and bald spots on scalp. For this being intensive, you should consult a specialist and immediately start your treatment. The most prescribed drug for this problem is Finasteride 5mg which is sold under the brand name of Propecia.

Use of Propecia

Hair loss for men

It is used to treat male baldness as this problem is very common that 80% of the men’s population is facing. Treating this problem with the medicine helps in slowing down the hair loss reducing it to 30% in six months. It reduces the DTH level in scalp and results in minimization of hair follicles due to which the hair loss is controlled.

Hormone therapy for transgender

It is also used for the treatment of transgender women for hormone replacement therapy by the effect of antiandrogenic and estrogen. Moreover, precautions are suggested while taking this medicine by the transgender women as it can lead to the cause of anxiety, depression and has high risk of suicidal ideation.

Prostate cancer

By the research, it has been found that it helps in reducing the prostate cancer up to 25 to 26% but further study says that there is risk of the re-occurance when the treatment is disconnected but there is no other negative effect on the person with prostate cancer.

Hirsutism treatment

It is also effective in hirsutism treatment which is a problem of excessive body and facial hair growth. In research, it has been found that by the use of this drug bodily hirsutism reduces up to 73% and facial hirsutism reduces up to 93% in treatment of two years.


Before taking this pill, consultation with proper check-up is very necessary, as it was mentioned before that it may cause anxiety and thus the user must be prepared. Proper check-ups are a must after every three months. Keeping them in shops where the sunrise reaches can result in spoiling the medicine and they are dangerous to use. Better keep them in cold, dry and dark place. The children’s  and pregnant women are not even allowed to touch the open pills as it is absorbed by the skin right into blood and can damage the embryo. So, they should wash their hands immediately in case they touched these medicines.

Though the drug is effective in many cases, but it is suggested to seek expert consultation before taking the drug.

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