Casual Relationship vs. Rebound Relationship: What’s The Difference& Similarities?

Not all relationship starts and ends well like those what we watch in fairy tale movies. Not every girl will start her story by meeting her prince charming and then in just matter of time will fall in love with him. Some are destined to suffer heartaches while others have chosen to play safe with love.

There are two types of relationship –casual and rebound. Casual relationship has a different rule and a different world compared to rebound relationship. This is a type of relationship wherein the term “commitment” is nowhere to be found.You can visit to learn more about casual relationship and learn how to make a relationship last.

Casual Relationship

In a casual relationship, one can be just after the sexual fulfillment and satisfaction from the other or the other way around. In some matters, one can be an important while the other one feels no attraction and affection. Every situation has its own distinct issue, but mostly it is not a smooth sailing as you’ve expected.

Rebound Relationship

On the other hand, rebound relationships do also exist.  Are you familiar with this saying “The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else”? That’s quite hard fellas! But this might hit you in reality. We can say that a relationship is rebounded, when it happens shortly after a major break-up, you already got a new one.  This is a way of projecting his feelings to his new partner.

But the fact is that your partner is not yet over with someone in the past.  He might be physically present, but hismind and heart goes somewhere else, out of your control. The play here is unfair. It is really not.Your role here is to be a band aid for whatever rejection and heartaches he felt. You are going to mend the broken pieces that he has lost before you came.


Rebound and casual relationship may differ in terms of the approach and how they connect people but then they are both prone in hurting one side of the relationship.  Both can be a way of distracting yourself but then it can be also another cause of hurt feelings.  Aside from that,genuine love rarely develops; thus long-lasting relationship can’t be expected.

Above all, whatever the circumstances or situation is, make sure that no one is at risk of hurting.  Of course, going through a relationship needs an extra effort of thinking. Think before you enter.  But you don’t have to isolate and limit your pleasuresfrom all types of relationship. The point of entering relationship is taking it at your own risk. If you can stand the pain, then go.

But if you want to make it grow and last for a lifetime, then extend your effort. You can clear up both your hearts and mind by attending a relationship counselling session. Whatever the type of relationship you have, you can make it even stronger through the help of the best relationship counselling services in Castle Hill for a relationship that’s worth keeping until the end.

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