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A great nation comprises of great power to keep its citizens safe. But if developing that power costs the lives of its own people, then there is no point of harvesting that energy. The energy or power, we are talking about here is the nuclear power. Once the bow and arrow were the greatest inventions in the history of the defence. With time, the ordinance has evolved, now nuclear-powered missiles are the aces of the weaponry. Nations that have nuclear-powered missiles dominates the globe. But everything comes at a cost. Developing this kind of energy is highly sensitive, volatile and a complex process.

How The Nuclear Power Works?

The way nuclear power works is, a highly unstable and radioactive element like; uranium is bombarded by another element called plutonium. This creates a series of nuclear reaction which, in turn, generates heat or energy. Since uranium is a radioactive element, in case of contact, it can seriously harm human health. This is where the division of energy employees occupational illness compensation comes in action. This division helps in providing compensation to the employees who get affected due to the radioactive exposure on duty.

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What is the Role of Division of Energy?

The D.O.E. is a federal entity which helps in implementation of employees ‘occupational illness compensation act’ that was passed on the 7th December 2000. The division of energy ( D.O.E.) works with the department of labour ( D.O.L.) and The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (N.I.O.S.H.). The D.O.E. basically provides D.O.L. and N.I.O.S.H. with information to help them with claim adjudication and processing. The employee occupational illness compensation program act includes certain vendors, contractors, and subcontractors. Those people who were affected by the radioactive exposure on the line of duty and face serious illness.

Role Of Division Of Energy

The main role of division of energy is verification of employment and pull out the records to check if the claim is genuine or not. The D.O.E. consults with Human Resource department and other departments to check if the applicant belongs to a private or “energy employees occupational illness compensation act” covered firm. There are a total of 343 covered facilities. The D.O.E. consults with many other departments and recover the file of the applicant to verify the authenticity of the claim. In addition to this, they also request for the applicant’s radiological data to support the investigation. D.O.E. works with D.O.L. and N.I.O.S.H. to make the final recommendations and also works on other large-scale records research projects.

The division of energy employees occupational illness compensation is there for people who actually are suffering from the life-threatening diseases. The diseases they got from serving their nation. The nation thanks them for their service. No one can put a price on the sufferings of the victims. But with the help of compensation and good treatment the victims can carry on with a healthier and happier life.

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