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Cordless Vacuum Cleaners Vs. Corded Vacuum Cleaners: Which Is the Better Choice?

Vacuum cleaners have no doubt become one of the most important cleaning tools in today’s life. Gone are the days when they used to be bulky big things that made a lot of noise. Today, by adopting the technological advancements, the newer versions are lighter, more efficient, less noisy and very versatile.

There are many models of vacuum cleaners available today right from the traditional dry ones to wet/dry, corded ones to cordless etc. All have their own pros and cons and it basically comes down to what suits your requirements.

If you need to choose between cordless and corded vacuum cleaner, you should consider these key factors.

Suction Power

When it comes to cordless models, it’s the battery that creates the suction power.As the battery starts to discharge, the suction power is affected. The corded vacuums use the power supply from the mains.So,their suction remains the same throughout. If you want to use the vacuum to clean bigger surfaces, it’s better to go for thecorded vacuum cleaners, but if the idea is to have a portable thing for small jobs go forcordless ones.


The corded models are generally twice in weight as compared to the non-corded ones. As they have to be plugged into the mains, you need to keep changing the power points as you switch to different areas. Also, care has to be taken to keep the cable out of the way. Pulling out a big cleaner for petty jobs, at times, doesn’t look feasible too.

The cordless models, on the other hand, are very light in weight mostly weighing a mere 3kg and are portable as you don’t need to look for the proximity to a plug socket. You can use it to vacuum your cars, crevices, staircases, corners and other quick clean-up jobs.

Dust Capacity

Corded vacuums have enormous dust holding capacity and as such, they don’t need to be emptied often. As good models come fitted with HEPA filter, those who have allergies or are asthma prone are benefited from it. The cordless vacuum cleaner varieties normally have a holding capacity of around 0.6L and you need to clean them often for them to work optimally.

Battery Life

As all power is generated by the battery in cordless models, the battery lasts for a maximum of 40-45 minutes and then you need to recharge it for several hours. If you buy a high-end model, the battery charges faster, but still these vacuums are meant for small jobs. The corded models draw power from the mains and thus you need not worry about battery life and can run them for long hours.


Cordless vacuum cleaners are not bulky and so can be stored away easily in a small space. Though the cordless model can be used for floor cleaning, they are actually meant for tackling the smaller cleaning jobs. When compared to cordless, corded cleaners are slightly bulkier and need to be stored in a cupboard. They are not very easy to pull out immediately for a minor job.

Depending upon your needs, you should choose between the two or better still get both.

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