Crowdfunding for pancreatic cancer treatment

Cancer is a dreaded disease particularly because there is no one treatment for it. Cancer treatment depends on the type, stage and location of the cancer that the patient has. Some cancers can be treated surgically and some cannot. All of this is decided by the doctor after thorough medical evaluation of the patient. The uncertainty around cancer is what scares people the most. Adding to this is the fear of expensive treatment.

Cancer treatment is indeed quite expensive keeping in line with the expensive healthcare system in India. Privatization of healthcare has left the poor with few choices but to depend on medical loans or depletion of savings. In this situation, crowdfunding and the rise of a cyber-economy has provided people with an alternative way of raising money.

Pancreatic cancer is cancer that begins in the pancreas. It is known for quickly spreading to other organs. This is why regularly checking for pancreatic cancer is important especially if there is a family history of the disease. Moreover, those people who have diabetes with jaundice and abdominal pain should immediately check for pancreatic cancer. Regular medical care is required to detect these cancers. Unfortunately, that is expensive and beyond the affordability of most people.

Crowdfunding for cancer has become very popular in the last few years. There are thousands of people who are enjoying a better life right now because crowdfunding has made their treatment possible. Apart from cancer, liver and kidney transplants have also been made possible by crowdfunding. Crowdfunding can therefore be used for the treatment and detection of pancreatic cancer.


If your doctor suspects that you have pancreatic cancer, you can start a fundraiser to raise money for the tests required in order to confirm or negate the diagnosis. These tests are usually quite expensive. To save on costs, crowdfunding is a good idea.


If cancer is indeed detected you can start a larger crowdfunding campaign. You have to inform all the people who were involved in your previous campaign and try and attract more people to your campaign. There are various ways of doing this. A few such ways are listed here:

  1. At the detection stage, make it clear in your fundraiser that if cancer is detected, you will come back to your contributors for funds.
  2. Keep all your donors in the loop.
  3. If cancer is detected, you can then write to them personally or mail them the fundraiser, asking for further donations.
  4. However, your fight against cancer will require you to have a far larger donor base. For this reason, you should talk to all your contacts.
  5. Keep your fundraiser clear and upload documents to back your claims. Make sure that some medical document has been uploaded to back your claim. Apart from this, add a picture of the patient.
  6. Make sure you make use of all the mediums available to you. This means you should make use of both social media and conventional word of mouth to publicize your campaign.
  7. Post constant updates about your campaign on Facebook. Personally message all the people you know and ask them to donate to your cancer crowdfunding campaign.
  8. For Whatsapp, create a poster, add a link to the poster and send the poster and link to all your contacts.
  9. The same procedure can be followed for Instagram and Twitter.
  10. You should mail all your contacts on email too.
  11. Have a team of people to work with you on your campaign. This team will help you run the campaign when you are busy for some reason and share your campaign.
  12. If you think one fundraiser will not give you the required reach, you should be ready to create a number of support fundraisers. Your team can share this. This way your campaign will have larger reach.

As with the detection stage, you should keep all your donors up to date about the progress of the patient. This allows them to know whether their money is being put to good use or not. Remember that medical fundraising is risk free and low investment, and you should try and create a healthy crowdfunding culture.

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