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Creating a home gym will allow you to workout on your own schedule and you’ll always be able to use the exercise equipment you want when you want, without having to wait for others to finish. There are plenty of options for a home gym and there are some things that you may want to consider as well as some items that you will definitely want to have.

You will want something in order to get some cardio done. There are a few options for this. Treadmills, elliptical machines and exercise bikes are all great cardio options and it depends on how you like to do your cardio. One of the most important things when considering what kind of equipment to buy is, will you use it? Don’t buy a treadmill if you absolutely despise running and, if you have others that will be using your home gym, look for something durable to get the most out of it.

In addition to cardio equipment, you may want to add some strength training equipment as well to your home gym. Dumbbells are an affordable option and there are many exercises that can be done with them, making this an easy choice. You will want to get between 3-5 sets in varying weights so you always have what you need for your workout routine. Kettle bells are also a good option if you are looking to expand your strength training equipment and want a different spin on the exercises you are doing with dumbbells.

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Once you have the exercise equipment to do strength training, you may want some additional ways to get all those squats and lifts in. A workout bench will allow you to vary the exercises you are doing for strength training. To stay safe in your workouts, consider a power rack. These are a good choice because they force you to develop proper form while you are lifting and many power racks will have integrated pull up bars, giving you more variety in your exercises.

It may take some time to build up your home gym and you probably won’t be able to buy equipment all at once. Used equipment may be a good route, especially for things like dumbbells and strength training equipment that is durable. Once you gather some equipment you can start scouring the Internet for workout routines and once you get into a routine, you will want to add even more equipment to your home gym.

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