Exercises to manage finger pain

Whether it is the trigger finger or trigger thumb, the two conditions are mildly irritating and in the worst condition, debilitating and painful. This condition occurs when the tendon in your finger irritates hence causing inflammation. Thus, your natural gliding motion is impaired as you try to bend your finger. The symptoms here include; a clicking sensation, stiffness, and sometimes a visible bump on your finger. Besides other medical steps like surgery, you can consider finger injury treatment therapy which is part of physiotherapy.

Consequently, this article seeks to provide some of the trigger finger treatment exercises to help you better understand what this treatment entails.

Finger lifts

Trigger finger is thought to be as a result of repetitive gripping motions, from hobbies like playing Tennis, driving and such finger involving activities. Lay your hand palm down on a flat surface, and then lift each finger one by one with an emphasis the injured one. You should be deliberate and slow as you lift the hand as you hold each finger in a lifted position for some time.

The rubber band stretch

Draw the thumb and fingers together, then with a rubber band, wrap them around, then repeatedly open and close the palm against the resistance. This helps strengthen the tendons and muscles as you train them to move again.

Finger-thumb circle stretch

Place the injured finger to your thumb slowly creating a circle shape, hold it there in an ‘emoji’ position for like five minutes and then repeat the exercise like ten times. This helps in distributing tension equally and thus relieving on the injured part.

Tennis ball grip

Here, you grab the tennis ball or its equivalent. Hold it in your palm and gently squeeze it until some mild pain develops, repeat the process ten times daily until the pain disappears. This trains the fingers on gripping.

Finger spread

Finger specialists advise that finger exercises that work with abduction muscles are helpful for trigger finger/ thumb treatment. Spread the fingers wide, and then draw them together in a fist. Repeat the process for as long as you are able. This helps the muscles in coordinating the fingers.

Finger to palm stretch

Extend the fingers straight, and then lower them to the top of your palm. Extend the fingers to an upright position, try bending them further toward the middle of the palm and wrap up by straightening the fingers. Repeatedly, the exercise would help relieve you from pain.

A few exercises on your trigger fingers and thumbs could go a long way into healing them. What medicine cannot do, physiotherapy does best. Give it a trial and see the results.

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