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There are so many options in the MRI and CT facilities. All the service providers ensure the patients about the best support and service. However, your experience can either be good or poor with a Body Imaging facility, if you do not ensure that you are visiting the best facility. All the medical imaging service providers do not offer the same support. Their services can vary, according to the technology they are using and the sequences and protocols followed to produce the images. You will get the best support for MRI or CT, if you visit a medical imaging facility that has highly-qualified and experienced radiologists or technicians.

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You should check a few important things to ensure that you will get the best service.

What technology they are using?

The MRI scanner is a modern equipment or an outdated one? The quality of the image will directly depend on the type of scanner is used for producing the image. The renowned body imaging centers use “High-field” technology to produce the best images. This technology allows the scanner to distinguish the anomalies in a much detailed way. The low-field technology based scanners can never generate such high-quality images. When it comes to imaging core of the body and brain, you should visit a medical imaging facility that has the high-field technology equipped scanner.

What type of hardware is available for scanning?

The medical imaging centers use a dedicated coil, when it comes to scanning shoulder, brain, knee, wrist, foot, chest, breast, and abdomen. If you are going to scan one of these body parts, ensure that the medical imaging facility will use the right hardware. Many clinics rely on an all-purpose coil to scan all the different body parts. It affects the quality of the image and the doctors face troubles in diagnosing the main issue. There should be dedicated coils for each body part, when you want to scan a particular body part.

How experienced the radiologist is?

The radiologist takes the scan and reads the scan. The medical imaging facility should appoint a radiologist, who is well-qualified for this job. He must have a good experience of scanning different body parts and reading the scans. You may visit a body imaging center, where a newly appointed radiologist may serve. It can be risky because the lack of knowledge and experience can cause troubles while scanning the dedicated body part.

Who will report the findings of body imaging?

There should be a good relationship between your doctor and the radiologist who has performed the MRI or CT. The radiologist should openly communicate with your physician and your physician should inform you about the findings in MRI or CT scan.

The Intermountain Medical Imaging (IMI) is a renowned medical imaging facility in Meridian. It has the most cutting-edge equipments for body scanning. Well-experienced radiologists serve people and help them in diagnosing the injuries and other health issues. This medical imaging facility meets all the standards of the best body imaging center and therefore you should visit here.

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