Glucocil and Its Ability for Weight Loss Support

If you are wondering about claims surrounding Glucocil for weight loss, you are not the only one. Companies will always publish claims about the effectiveness and safety of their products. Neuliven Health as the company that manufactures Glucocil goes down the same route. Approved by the FDA, many people automatically assume that the claims are true. But is that necessarily the truth? In this article, we examine and review the product to help potential consumers determine whether it’s the product for them.

The Glucocil claims

Neuliven Health as the company that manufactures Glucocil took more than 7-years to develop the best formula to control blood sugar levels. Closely linked to Diabetes and other potentially life-threatening diseases such as Pancreatic Cancer, Pancreatitis, Hormone-secreting Tumors, and Cushing’s Syndrome. With the potentially devastating effects, it’s important for Diabetics and sufferers to monitor their blood sugar levels at all times.

Sometimes healthy diet and regular exercise are not enough to get the job done. For that reason, to help maintaining normal sugar levels and improving overall health, Neuliven Health comes up with a solution. Glucocil, as a breakthrough all-natural supplement, claims it has numerous health benefits as seen in the following section.

  • Reducing the absorption of glucose in the intestines

Carbohydrates and sugars are quickly converted into glucose the moment it reaches the intestines. As one of the vital parts of digestion system, the importance of intestines is not to be questioned. While it does the job incredibly well, this may spell trouble for Diabetics and those who are obese. Slightly excessive sugar and carb intake will result in spiked blood sugars. Once it reaches that stage, it may become incredibly challenging for you to bring it down.

This is where Glucocil comes to save the day. Once consumed, it will work effectively in blocking excess glucose to be absorbed in the intestines. In turn, it results in healthy blood sugar levels.

  • Reducing the production of glucose

Glucocil also helps in reducing glucose production in the liver. As we all know, the liver produces glucose along with hormones and enzymes in order to support bodily functions. However, it may not work as well as it was as we grow older. This inefficiency may also appear as result of unhealthy condition that may lead to malfunction. At this stage, glucose production will be excessive. Glucocil helps improve the condition and makes sure it functions as it should.

  • Increasing glucose uptake

After we eat, our pancreas will immediate release insulin. While this hormone is incredibly useful, those with the condition has trouble processing it. But apparently that is not the case when you are taking Glucocil on a regular basis. With enhanced process in each cells, the supplement has the ability to utilize blood glucose as source of energy.

What are the ingredients in Gluccol?

There is no doubt in its claims regarding all-natural supplements. A quick look at its ingredients and it’s clear that Glucocil is indeed made of natural ingredients. But what are the ingredients along with their uses? Also what about Glucocil for weight loss? As a consumer, nothing is more important than knowing what’s in the supplement. For that reason, we have compiled all you need to know regarding its ingredients. These informations can also be viewed in Glucocil’s official website.

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

You may be aware of Glucocil’s capability in increasing the uptake of glucose into your cells. Alpha Lipoic Acid is one of the ingredients in the supplement that brings such health benefit. The ingredient does not only improve insulin sensitivity, but also facilitates the glucose movement from the blood to the cells.

  • Banaba leaf extract

This leaf extract ensures that there will be no cases of imbalance in your blood sugar levels. It does not only work to maintain normal blood sugar levels, but also normalize both blood sugar and insulin in case of excessive carb and sugar intake.

  • Gymnema sylvestre extract

Produced by the pancreas, insulin has an important role when it comes to sugars and carbs conversion. This process will convert them into glucose which will later be stored as energy. Gymnema sylvestre extract has the ability to increase the glucose amount in the cells, and regenerate all of the beta cells.

  • Insulina

This is one of the most common ingredients used in almost every supplement intended for hypertension and diabetes. Insulina does indeed help controlling blood sugar levels. The ingredient makes it possible for the body to automatically reduce blood sugar absorption that typically happens after meals.

  • Berberine

Extracted from particular herbs, Berberine has long been regarded as the best anti-diabetic compounds. Like Insulina, Berberine is typically used in numerous diabetic supplements. Berberine has the ability to control the triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the human body. A few of the benefits that Berberine has to offer include healthy weight management, blood pressure, and immune function.

  • Chromium picolinate

In both Type 2 Diabetes and weight loss, Chromium Picolinate is considered as the standard components as it can be found in almost all supplements. This particular ingredient works as an enhancer that increases binding sites number. With its weight loss capability, this ingredient is perhaps what makes Glucocil for weight loss possible.

  • Cinnamon bark powder

Cinnamon has the ability to properly regulate triglyceride and cholesterol levels in order to help promoting healthy glucose serum.

  • Proprietary mulberry leaf extract

Mulberry extract is capable of significantly reducing carbohydrate and sugar absorption by 21-percent. It is also translated to spike reduction after meals for by at least 44-percent. A great ingredient for Glucocil for weight loss.

  • Veld grape stem extract

This particular ingredient has the ability to block carbs as well as as dietary fat, reducing oxidate stress altogether.

Other than the aforementioned ingredients, there are also Fish Oil and vitamins such as Vitamin D, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12.

Is Glucocil effective for weight loss?

Reading the list of ingredients along with each of their uses may make you wonder of its weight loss effects. Is this supplement really effective in reducing excess weight? While scientific studies have backed up the claims of each of the listed ingredients, there is simply no evidence of their effectiveness. This is also the reason why the FDA contacted the manufacturer with the belief Glucocil has always been driven by financial-motives. While it’s not a wise choice to consume Glucocil for weight loss, it’s said to be incredibly effective in its blood sugar levels control.

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