Green tea – Key to start leading a ‘fit & healthy’ lifestyle

When we wake up in the morning, we want our mornings to be beautiful since that is what marks the start of the day. If your morning does not start on a good note, your entire day can be ruined. Good mornings always start with a tasty, as well as a healthy breakfast. Along with breakfast, many people like to have tea or coffee, but both of these drinks have their own share of pros & cons. Though tea contains more caffeine than coffee, Green tea is one variety of tea that has a positive impact on your health. Let’s have a closer look at the composition of Green tea and how consuming Green tea on a regular basis can help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Not many, including Green tea drinkers, are aware of the fact that it is considered as the healthiest beveragesince it contains a lot of antioxidants & nutrients that has good effects on the health.Normal tea itself is considered to be rich in polyphenols that can help to reduce inflammation & also fight cancer. As far as Green tea is considered, it contains around 30 percent of polyphenols, along with an extensive amount of EpigallocatechinGallate (ECCG). The specialty about ECCG is that it helps in treating various diseases as it has powerful medicinal properties. Along with nutrients, Green tea also contains important minerals. Consuming around 3-4 cups of Green tea per day can be instrumental in reducing fat and boosts metabolic rate. In a nutshell, Green tea contains important bioactive compounds that aid in improving the health.

Due to high-stress levels, many people living in cities suffer from mental health issues like anxiety, depression, etc. Green tea contains an important ingredient namely amino acid L-theaninewhich acts as an anti-anxietyagent.Since Green tea contains both amino acid L-theanine and caffeine, the combination helps in revitalizing the body & brain. If you are feeling down while working in the office, a single cup of Green tea can rejuvenate the entire body and reduce your fatigue. Due to a fast lifestyle, there are many of us who do not follow a healthy lifestyle and consume a lot of junk food. Though the food might be tasty, it has long term implications on your health. Such kind of food can increase the body fat and it may make you look obese as well. Green tea can be an agent to increase the burning of fat. Hence, you should buy Green tea from a brand like Goodricke.

The deadly disease of Cancer is on the rise and it is important to fight the virus at an early stage. The ingredients in Green tea reduce the risk of cancer, whether it is Prostate cancer, Breast cancer, or Colorectal cancer. How many times have you got offended when your friends or colleagues make ‘bad faces’ when you open your mouth to talk; there is a possibility that you might be having ‘bad breath’ problems. Though you can visit a dentist to get rid of the problem, Green tea can kill the bacteria that cause bad breath and helps in improving your oral hygiene. Hence, we recommend starting your day with Green tea so that it improves your digestion.

If that’s not all, Green tea reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, like heart disease and stroke. Now that you are aware of the pros of having Green tea, the most important step is to choose Green tea from a good tea brand like Goodricke. Tea from unknown brands could contain an excessive amount of fluoride which could have a negative effect on your health. Rather than looking at Green tea price, you should buy Green tea from Goodricke. They have different varieties of tea and you also have the comfort of buying it online. In order to buy online green tea, simply log on to their website and place an order.

To summarize, Green tea a day keeps you fit & healthy!

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