Green Tea- Your new partner that helps you to stay fit & calm

The year 2018 is coming to an end and with the advent of 2019; most of us would start documenting New Year resolutions so that you can try to achieve those resolutions in the coming year i.e. 2019. One resolution that each one of us would have mentioned is ‘Increased focus on health & fitness’, but rarely that resolution sees the light of the day. You might not find time to go to the gym, but there are simpler ways in which you can take control of your health and one way is by having a regular intake of Green tea.

There are different varieties of tea and it is a known fact that tea contains caffeine. The amount of caffeine would vary based on the kind of tea, but it is proven that Green tea contains the lowest percentage of caffeine i.e. 20-45 milligrams per 8-ounce cup. Unsweetened Green tea is equivalent to consuming a drink that has zero calories. The major reason why Green tea is considered healthy is that it is one of the least processed variety of tea and contains the most antioxidants.

Though we have touched upon some of the interesting facts about Green tea, let’s have a look at some basic information about Green tea

– Close to 78% of the tea that has been consumed worldwide, only 20% of it is Green tea. By looking at the health benefits of Green tea, this percentage should increase over a period of time.

– It was used as a traditional medicine in India, as well as China.

– Green tea has a range of health benefits and is considered to prevent Cancer.

You can also buy Green tea online and majority of the varieties are available online on sites like Goodricke.

Major health benefits of Green tea

  1. Consumption of Green tea aids in improving the digestion, control bleeding, reduces stress & anxiety. It is ideal for someone who is suffering from mental health issues.
  2. It helps in minimizing the risk & spread of cancer cells in a human body. Polyphenols which is present in the Green tea helps in fighting the cancerous cells. Studies indicate that Green tea can have an impact on the following categories of Cancer a. Stomach b. Skin c. Prostate d. Lung e. Bladder e. Breast
  3. Catechins and Polyphenolic compounds are some of the vital ingredients in the Green tea. These ingredients help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Scientific studies have proven that people who consumed around 5~10 cups of tea were less prone to Cardiovascular diseases.
  4. Green tea is ideal for someone who is looking to lose weight.
  5. Latest studies have proven that Green tea can be used to treat skin disorders like dandruff and psoriasis.
  6. It also aids in improving concentration by sharpening your memory.
  7. It reduces bad cholesterol and can be vital in fighting diseases like Diabetes (type 2) & Alzheimer’s.

These are some of the proven & known facts about the ‘Health implications of Green tea’. If you are working professional and a tea lover, instead of regular tea; you should switch to a healthier option like Green tea. Just like other consumables, you should have tea from a known brand like Goodricke that has been in the business for many years & have a loyal customer base. In order to buy Green tea, you no longer to visit a store as you can buy organic green tea online from Goodricke website. Different varieties of Green tea is available on their site hence, you can enjoy the taste & health benefits of Green tea by sitting in the comfort of your homes J.

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