Heartworms: Natural Ways to Treat Them

Heartworm is the common problem that is usually seen in dogs when they are using the mosquito prone niche. Heartgard is the solution that people know for the prevention from the heartworms. Heartgard medicines are easily available in the market as well as in online stores. Here what you have to follow is never give it without the doctor’s recommendation as the dose and the way to give matters a lot in the treatment.

 Sometimes overdose can also make your dog embrace other health issues. But if you try the natural treatment options to prevent your dog from heartworms then your dog should be away from any kind of side effects. Here are some of the natural ways to keep your dog prevented from the heartworms.

HWF– It is a liquid supplement that helps to strengthen the immune system of your dog. This helps to over heartworm naturally. It is better to prevent rather than curing the infected dog. Here the dosage is considered must and the following chart is provided while recommending the HWF.

Garlic– When the dog gets in contact with the larvae the most important thing is to prevent them to get mature and for this, you can give your dog garlic added in their food. Maturing the worms can be more dangerous for the health of your dog. Dosage is like 10-15 pound in half a clove, 20-40 pound in one clove and 45 -70pound in two cloves. Avoid giving more cloves because it can be toxic for your dog.

Black Walnut Hull– The natural remedy works on killing the immature worms and the black walnut hull also the one which kills the heartworm parasite. It also helps in cleaning the dog’s system including the digestive system. If it is not used properly it can be toxic so it is better to use the tincture or the capsule.

Guinness Bear– It is the specific bear that is known to prevent and cure the heartworms in dogs.

It is good to feed your dog with the essential oils and the balanced diet as if your dog’s immunity is very important to deal with as it is the first to deal with the parasites and other infection. Heartworms should be taken seriously as they can be fatal for your pet and you can’t compromise with the health of your dog. Treating the heartworm naturally is possible and it is quite easy too.

There are various other factors that also be considered while taking care of your dog like never allow your dog to eat its own faces and reduce the exposure of your dog when you get to know your dog is suffering from heartworms.

The main thing to consider is to reduce the maturing of the heartworms as it is very dangerous and make your dog to have bad health and can be fatal too. Love your pet and give them the best to uplift the bonding of your friendship. Your attention towards your pet will keep track of all their health issues under control.

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