Here’s How To Open Your Heart Chakra

There are seven chakras in your body, each a representative of power and emotion within your body. One of the more important ones in the fourth one: the heart chakra. This is the target of heart chakra singing bowl meditation and other attempts to open it. This simple guide is here to help you open it so that you can get the full benefits of it.

What Is Your Heart Chakra?

So what exactly is the heart chakra? Well, there are seven chakras in all, with three top chakras led by the crown chakra in the upper half of the body while the three lower chakras starting from the root chakra in the lower half. These six meet and are connected by the heart chakra, which is obviously located in your heart.

According to experts, this means that your heart chakra is in charge of your compassion and capacity to love.

What It Means To Have A Blocked Heart Chakra

Your heart chakra has two basic states. It can either be blocked or open. A blocked heart chakra can have several effects both physically and spiritually. The physical effects may include experiencing insomnia, an increase in blood pressure, and a weaker immune system.

You will also experience some effects on your interpersonal relations and how you treat others. This is because your heart chakra governs your interactions with people. This is why you might end up feeling restless, being impatient, and irritable. You will also have difficulty trusting others and feeling empathy for them.

How To Open It

Blocked chakras ruin your relationships and make you feel bad. Naturally, they are open but events in your life can block them up. Fortunately, it is possible to open them up again. There are several methods to do so.

The most basic move to open your chakra is the presence of chakra stones and holding them regularly. This can be used in conjunction with meditation so that it can be a lot more effective. Most heart chakra stones are green in color and include jade, and green calcite.

Of course, the most effective way to open them is by meditating. This balances all of your chakras and daily meditations influence your chakras to open up. It is actually pretty simple since all you need to do is a simple mindfulness exercise. There are also specific meditation techniques that work well on your heart chakra. For beginners, here is a simple technique:

Find somewhere quiet and comfortable.

Sit down and breathe through your nose for a few minutes, relaxing as you do so

Visualize on drawing in green energy into your heart chakra, starting from the seat of your body.

When the energy has gathered into a ball, breathe in and breathe out, picturing the ball getting bigger.

Now that ball should be big enough to radiate across your body, letting you feel love for yourself and others. Focus on that feeling and come out of meditation after 3-5 minutes.

Combine meditation with yoga and your heart chakra should be ready and open to the world.

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