Here’s What You Need To Do If Your Dental Implant Breaks

One of the big reasons why you should go to a dentist in Reston Virginia is when your dental implants break. Dental implants are supposed to be tough and durable replacements to your original teeth but they are not invulnerable. Here are a few things you need to know about your dental implants and how vulnerable they are.

Why Do Dental Implants Break?

A dental implant has several parts to it. There is the screw that secures the implant to the bone to the cover that acts as the teeth replacement. Though it is made of titanium, there is still a possibility of breakage for the screw.

The main reason for breakage is too much pressure applied to the implant before it becomes fully integrated into your bones. Another problem can be the abutment that secures the replacement tooth breaking. Additionally, the tooth itself can be worn down and break.

What Signs To Look For?

There are several signs that you should notice if your dental implant has broken:

Feeling Loose. Your dental implant is supposed to act as a replacement tooth. If it feels loose, then something is wrong with the screw’s connection to your jawbone.

Pain. Dental implants are supposed to have no nerves at all. If it hurts, this means nearby nerves are reacting to something wrong in the area around it.

Swelling and Inflammation. These are two signs of an infection. This could be in the jaw or the gums near the implant. You need to get to a dentist immediately if this happens.

There is also the undoubted sign that it is broken it chips off out of your mouth. This can make you panic but you need to be calm. Collect the broken piece and put it in a secure case or a glass of milk to preserve it.

What To Do?

Fortunately, your dentist should know what to do when your implant breaks. The best thing to do is contact your dentist as soon as possible. If there is a broken piece keep it safe and secure somewhere.

To restore the implant, your dentist will have to assess the damage and see what can be done. If it is the screw itself, then the implant needs to be completely replaced. If its the artificial tooth, then you should have an easier time since its a simple replacement job. For complete replacements though, it may take months since you might need bone grafts or something similar.

Talk with your dentist about your options so that you know what you’re getting into.

Further Care

Broken implants can actually be easily avoided. The key thing is to avoid putting too much pressure on the implant as it is being integrated into your teeth. This means no tough or hard foods for the first few months. Additionally, if you have the habit of teeth-grinding, then you should curb it.

Dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care. Learn more at your local dentist.
Reston Dental Care offers personalized care to help you bring back that perfect smile. If you need a dentist in Reston Virginia, contact us today!

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