How Best To Take CBD Oil – The Top 3 Ways

It doesn’t take much scouring about to realise quite how amazing the variety of available CBD products has become in such a short period of time.

Oils, e-liquids, varieties of capsules, lotions, sprays, and soaps are just the tip of the iceberg!

But what are the best ways to ensure that your body most effectively absorbs those essential cannabinoids?

Everyone is going to have their personal preference, but we’ve nailed it down to three key ways that each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Check them out and see which method (or even combination) sounds most suitable for you.

CBD Tinctures

Arguably the oldest and still most common method for taking in your dose orally is via a tincture method.

Whereas once these tended usually to be extracted using chemical or alcohol-based processes, today there are many great superior quality oil-based alternatives.

The CBD applied to these oil bases (usually MCT or olive oil) tend to be extracted via CO2 dry ice methods and is a far superior all-around product in regards to retaining strength and purity.

These are applied by measuring your dose by using a dropper (sometimes built into the lid) and carefully squeezing the compound underneath the tongue. Then, the idea is to hold it in place as much as possible for about 90 seconds.

Why under the tongue? Simply because this part of the mouth is the most immediately absorbent and the CBD ought to quickly enter the bloodstream. It may sound like a faff to start with but this is really easy and you get used to it in no time.

If you know your ideal dose this is a straightforward way of taking in your CBD, but therein lies the problem. Ingesting this way can be awkward to measure and relies on re-dosing usually 2/3 times a day. If you do opt for this way, make sure to check that your oil is of the highest standard possible/affordable as it makes a huge difference.


  • Simple and discreet.
  • Massive variety of product to choose between.
  • Very little wastage.


  • Establishing a ‘working’ dose can be frustrating.
  • May take a little while to ‘kick in’.
  • Some people may struggle with the taste.

CBD Vaping

If you want your CBD immediately to hit the system, then nothing beats vaping.

A couple of draws tends to equate to most people’s ‘dose’ depending on the strength they need but obviously, this will vary depending on the e-liquid. They range anywhere from 100mg through to 10,000mg!

Some people are put off vaping by health considerations but bear this in mind – good quality CBD e-liquids will carry nothing but a VG/PG mix (the binding agents widely used in standard food production) and the compound itself. There’s no nicotine or any other ingredients unless using a flavoured brand which is increasingly popular.

Plenty of people swear by vaping but one thing that should be considered is that it doesn’t stick around the system quite as long.

Whereas a typical tincture dose will last 6-8 hours, vaping is more like 4-5. But on the other hand, it bypasses the liver and metabolic process entirely meaning that what you inhale is going to have next to no wastage.

A growing trend is people supplementing their oral intake with occasional ‘top up’ vape as needed – especially for those using CBD to deal with stress.


  • Excellent for making sure you receive a full dose without wastage.
  • Great for ‘on the go’ dosing.
  • Wide variety of strength and flavours to choose between.
  • Only a basic vape pen is needed.
  • Mixes well to supplement other methods.


  • May put off ‘anti-vapers’.
  • Easy to unnecessarily use too much.


There’s a huge amount of capsules out there and some people prefer them because they look just like any other medication.

As you can just swallow these down, there’s no taste whatsoever or plumes of vapour to content with!

Long-term users tend to opt for the gel capsules as these break down slightly faster but as always be careful when choosing a manufacturer.

Only opt for those who not just provide a totally organic product but also batch test frequently and display the results of these on their website. This is especially important if using high strength product as there have been cases of fraud… so choose wisely!

One considerable downside that must be considered when using capsules is that they have to pass through that pesky liver! This will lead to some of your extract being filtered through and not absorbed properly.

It is not necessarily an issue once you have found a system that works for you, but can be frustrating for new starters. One tip is to take before bedtime or on an empty stomach with a tablespoon of oil to help break them down.


  • Easy and just like taking any other supplement.
  • Amazing variety of strengths and suppliers – can be cost effective too.
  • No taste or clouds.


  • Depending on your body, may not actually absorb that well.

Final Thoughts

Remember at the top of this article we said it was down to personal preferences? This is exactly what was meant!

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular either taken alone or as a ‘CBD accessory/sidekick’ and it is easy to see why. But just use it sparingly as it is easy to burn through quicker than needed.

There’s certainly still plenty of room for both capsules and tinctures too – just consider how they all could fit into your daily routine and take it from there.

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