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How Good Food Can Help Build A Great Company Culture

Companies today offer more than just free run of the mill coffee in the breakroom for their employees. Back in the day, it was a treat to find coffee and donuts in the office because an employee felt generous enough to treat everyone. Today, more and more companies include corporate office catering as a perk for their employees. This can be held at least once every month, but for most this is a weekly treat that makes a major difference in company culture.

How? Here are the different ways how great food (that’s free!) impacts the office as a whole:

1 – It Is A Shared Experience

An office is just like a school where cliques can develop and employees divide into smaller groups when they head out for lunch. With a weekly free corporate office catering, all employees can gather around and share the experience. This allows for different departments to mingle and get to know each other. When the culture of the office encourages bonding with every team member, there is a bigger chance for future collaboration and growth.

2 – Gives Employees A Break

Yes, it is their lunch break, but a catered lunch for all means that staff members do not have to spend time thinking about what to buy or what to bring for lunch. It might not seem like a big deal, but there is a lot of time spent just talking about what to buy for lunch and a free catered meal takes away some of the pressure which means employees can focus more on their tasks, not just on what to eat!

3 – A Break From The Desk

Employees spend the entire day on their desks facing a computer screen which can make office life boring and unstimulating. Offering a catered lunch is a great way for people to stretch their legs and to interact with people in person. It is always great to have time to build relationships with co-workers and sharing a free meal with them is the perfect icebreaker.

4 – It’s A Treat

Work can be stressful and it can make people feel like they are repeating the same routine again and again. It is time to liven up the office and treat the employees with something special. The catering company can be hired to prepare food that will bring a smile to everyone’s face. Free cake, ice cream, pizzas, and anything else is a treat everyone will surely appreciate, especially when it comes as an unexpected surprise when the day is moving too slow.

5 – Discovering Something New

Corporate catering is also a great way for people to discover new cuisines from all over the world. Together with the HR of the company, caterers can plan a varying menu that lets the employees travel the world, one free meal at a time. This is a great way to open people to new experiences that otherwise they never would have gone through.

Food and eating is a major part of our lives, make sure to include it as part of the office culture as well!

Our corporate office catering at Saint Germain Catering goes beyond good food and customer service. It has helped built corporate cultures and stronger teams! Contact us today for inquiries.

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