How Much Is Multivitamin and Mineral Beneficial To Your Health

We all know that oxygen and water are necessary for our life but minerals and vitamins are as important as they are. Vitamins and minerals are something that everyone needs but people are sure that they are getting enough of them. It’s their misconception that they are living with. For the healthy life, one should know which foods are rich in minerals and minerals. Nowadays when consuming food doesn’t provide you many minerals and vitamins people are more attracted towards the multivitamins and minerals tablets that are available in the market and online stores also. Canadadrugs the dwelling place for such tablets offers you at low cost with some discounts. People are unaware of the food that provides you minerals and vitamins here are some of the foods and benefits on one’s health.

Vitamins– vitamins are the essential nutrients of our body and one must consume it in the right amount that is suggested in the balanced diet. The word vitamins come from the words “vital amine”. Our body cannot manufacture vitamins but still, they are essential to perform various functions. Vitamins are of two types’ fat soluble and water soluble.

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  1.    Fat soluble vitamins- in this category vitamins A, D, E, K comes and you can get them from the dairy products oils, animals fats, nuts and few vegetables. Eating fresh food is the main source of the vitamins. Some of the foods freshly taken gives you the right amount of vitamins but while cooking vitamins are destroyed. To retain vitamins in food one should have the steamed or grilled food.
  2.    Water-soluble vitamins- in this category the B group comes like vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7,B9 and B12. You can get them from grains, fruits, and vegetables. These water-soluble vitamins reach the whole body through water.

The frozen vegetable is better than the vegetables stored at room temperature.

Minerals– there are various minerals that our body needs. Basically, minerals assist the vitamins in the proper functioning of the body. Iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, and chromium are some of the essential minerals that our body needs.

Vitamins and minerals are the essential nutrients for our body and they both together work to keep the body healthy. Vitamin A is the essential vitamin that helps in maintaining the eyesight and promotes the healthy bone development. Immunity and DNA repair are maintained by the help of vitamin E. Disease like osteoporosis in women and problems related to teeth and bones are treated with the help of mineral named calcium. Iron is the essential mineral that is crucial for hemoglobin formation while goiter is prevented by sodium.

Vitamins and minerals should be taken in the right amount sometimes deficiency of vitamins and minerals lead to various diseases while on the hand excess of them lead to body disorders. Supplements should be taken by people who are not taking balanced food. Medical conditions, lifestyle and some other reasons are also responsible for taking supplements like pregnant women, infants, vegans, elderly people, dieters and people allergic to some food. Keep in mind that supplements should be taken by the doctor’s consultancy.

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