How Much Time and Care Dental Implants Treatment Take?

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Have you lost one or more of your teeth in an accident? If your answer is in yes, then don’t take tension and visit the most prominent dental clinic in your area. There are a large number of dental clinics are easily accessible in the market which offers you the premium quality dental treatments within your set budget. Among all the treatments, dental implant is an ideal treatment if you are worried about your missing teeth. Dental implants are little inserts, which are perfectly rooted in the jawbone underneath the gums with the help of surgery. These dental implants give a natural look as well as feel to the patients. So, if you wish to replace your missing teeth with new one then take benefits of Dental Implants in Philadelphia.

How dental implants perform?

These dental implants give a natural feel to the patient. For ensuring their durability, these are made by using the premium quality biocompatible materials like titanium. These implants have small ridges as well as pits on their surface. This facilitates the bone to grow so intimately around an implant for providing a perfect support for artificial teeth. After taking dental implants treatment, patients can comfortably speak as well as eat which they want. The dental implant treatment is suitable for those people only who have healthy gums as well as adequate jawbone to support the implant.

Different types of dental implants

Endosteal implants: After drilling a pilot hole, these teeth implants are directly fixed into the jawbone. Abutments together with prosthetic teeth are loaded onto the implant, after a healing period of a few months.

Subperiosteal dental implants: These implants contain of a metal frame that is fixed over the jawbone, just below the gum tissue. As the bone as well as gums heals, the frame gets placed to the jawbone. After healing is complete, artificial teeth are mounted to the frame posts that protrude from the gums.

After a patient undergoes dental implant treatment, it is necessary that they practice careful oral hygiene and visit their dentist regularly, to ensure the long-term success of their implants.

Downtime for Dental Implant Treatments

Dental implant treatments are normally considered to be more difficult than traditional tooth restoration procedures like dental bridges, with the downtime varying from patient to patient. Some common aspects on which the downtime may depend are:

  • The density of the jawbone.
  • General physical situation of the patient.
  • The position of the missing tooth in the mouth.

The real process of inserting dental implants may not take lots of time, but the period for planning, healing as well as recovery generally takes a few months. For an average patient, a tentative time-table might look like this:

Planning: This is the first stage in dental implants. In this stage, your dentist conducts a detailed evaluation of your oral condition. This process is basically completed within one month.

Insertion of the Implant: The duration of this stage differs from one to three days, confiding on the number of teeth implants to be placed in the jaw. This stage contains the drilling of a tiny hole in the jawbone, into which an implant is rooted, as well as left to heal.

Healing: This could take anywhere between three to six months, depending on the general health as well as healing ability of a patient. During this process the bone grows closely around the teeth implants, efficiently adhering to the metal.

Last reconstruction: This process is depending on the number of prosthetic teeth to be placed. It takes time between one to three days.

If your missing teeth are making you uncomfortable, the best thing to do is to visit a good cosmetic Dentist in Center City Philadelphia, who will suggest you about which types of dental implants would be the best for you, as well as evaluate your appropriateness for the treatment.

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