How To Clean And Maintain Your Dentures

Missing a tooth can take a huge toll on your self-esteem. You can’t confidently smile, and you become anxious whenever you talk to someone. This impact is apart from the effect of your tooth’s absence on your dental health.

As any Lansdowne VA dentist can attest, one of the more popular options to replace a missing tooth is by undergoing a denture procedure. A denture is a tooth replacement option that is long-lasting and looks just like its natural counterpart. Though durable, dentures should be taken care of properly — not only by getting professional care from your dentist, but also by practicing important tips to keep them clean and well-maintained.

Check out our list of proper denture care practices to help you make your denture last a long time:

Brush your dentures daily. Like your real teeth, your dentures need to be brushed at least daily to avoid the building up of tartar and bacteria. Failing to do this basic denture care can lead to gum infection. Just make sure that when brushing, use only a soft-bristled brush, or a special denture brush.

Take them out before going to bed and soak overnight. Any Lansdowne VA dentist would recommend to have your dentures removed from at least six to eight hours a day. And the best time to do this is while you’re asleep. Make sure to take them out before going to bed, and don’t forget to soak them overnight.

In soaking, use warm water if your denture has a metal clasp. Otherwise, a 50 percent vinegar-50 percent water will do. Apart from daily brushing, this effort will help remove plaque, stains, bacteria and tartar build-up.

Remove and rinse them after taking a meal. It is also important to make it habit to clean your dentures after eating in order to remove any food debris. When removing your dentures, also make it a point that your clean your mouth.

Care for your overall oral hygiene. As mentioned above, proper denture care also involves take care of your mouth (i.e. Tongue, palate, cheeks). Looking after your overall oral hygiene will help prolong the life of your dentures. You can do this by rinsing your mouth well and massaging your gums using either a soft-bristled brush of a clean washcloth.

Handle them with utmost care. Dentures can easily break. Therefore handling them with care is a must. Protect your dentures by placing a folded towel in the sink when cleaning them to prevent them from breaking just in case you drop them. An alternative way is to fill the sink with water, or do the cleaning over a bowl of water.

Also, when you’re wearing dentures, never use toothpicks, hard-bristled brushes or strong cleaners to keep them safe from damage.

Visit your dentist regularly. Always schedule regular check-ups with your Lansdowne VA dentist so he or she can professionally examine your dentures and overall oral health. He or she will also be the one you can consult to if you feel like your dentures aren’t fitting properly.

A Lansdowne VA dentist can help you keep your teeth healthy, have a perfect smile, and so much more. Contact Riverside Dental today to schedule a consult.

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