Liver Cirrhosis: How To Combat It

Doctors and laypersons will agree that in the world of today, unhealthy lifestyle practices and stress are two major factors responsible for a plethora of illnesses. With cigarette smoking on the rise, the number of cancer deaths in India has gone up in the last five years. With increasingly sedentary ways of living, nearly four in ten women develop polycystic ovarian syndrome before their thirtieth birthday. And with a ballooning segment of young Indians turning to alcohol for comfort from the madness of modern life, liver cirrhosis is becoming a common disease to contend with.

Why causes liver cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis of the liver is a condition where liver tissue has scarred, disabling the organ and not allowing it to function properly. If left untreated, liver cirrhosis could metamorphose into liver cancer, or lead to liver failure.

Most patients of liver cirrhosis have been heavy consumers of alcohol for years before they contracted the disease. Apart from alcoholism, a history of having viral hepatitis C or B, or using a non-disposable needle to take a drug, may lead to a weakening, then a damage, and finally cirrhosis of the liver. People who deal with fatty-liver problems are also at a risk for getting liver cirrhosis.

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Warning signs

Some victims of the disease may not notice any tell-tale signs that significant biological wreckage is affecting their system. But fortunately, most patients of liver cirrhosis suffer jaundice at the outset, and medical intervention at this time may stall the progress of the illness. Other early symptoms include constant fatigue and weakness, a drop in appetite levels, itching, and slowness for blood to clot even around small cuts.

If you see any of these little things happening to your body, don’t delay, and see a doctor as soon as you can.

Treatment of liver cirrhosis

Despite advances in medical science, a cure for liver cirrhosis has not yet been discovered. There are effective ways of slowing the disease down within the body and preventing further damage. The patient needs to be on long-term medication, give up drinking alcohol, and visit their hepatologist routinely.

In some cases, a large part of the liver might be affected by cirrhosis. In such cases, and when liver failure has already occurred, a liver transplant is the only lasting solution for the trials of living with the disease.

Crowdfunding to afford a liver transplant

Liver transplant surgeries are humorously expensive, running up to twenty lakh rupees or more. Most Indians in need of a transplant cannot afford the cost, and accept the reality of a shortened life, or at least a painful one. But times are changing, and some tech-for-good companies like the medical crowdfunding giant Impact Guru are working to raise funds for medical treatment.

On the Impact Guru platform, there have been several notably successful campaigns that raised funds for liver transplant. Puja Bhatnagar’s liver transplant surgery was funded by donors from around the world, with a friend donating a part of his liver for the transplant. Sophie’s family is still raising funds to help pay for her surgery and postoperative care costs.

To fund liver transplant, start a fundraiser today. Make a pledge to embrace a healthful lifestyle and keep disease at bay.

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