Make your jog more comprehensive with treadmills 8.0


Malibu 8.0 Treadmill is featured with treadmill motor producing 5 HP with large 3 phase A/C motor. Since it is producing 5HP so due the consistent supply of power you will feel like as if you are standing in a gym club. The treadmill 8.0 motor is silent, subtle and stealthy. This silent motor will constantly move the belt so that you can exercise smoothly.


The athletes need to bear the boredom of Malibu 8.0 Treadmill for a while to tune their body. Display of these treadmills might be misleading at certain times. The display might give you the information incorrectly and you might take that information for real and you get mislead.


Malibu 8.0 Treadmill is a warranted exercise machine where you get warranty on all the parts of the machine.

Frame- lifetime

Motor- 10 years

Parts- 5 years

Wearables- 2 years

Labor- 2 years

About Malibu 8.0 Treadmill

This soundless treadmill is considered to be one of the best exercising machines by the athletes for becoming more enthusiast and active. For staying fit you can walk, jog, or run on this treadmill. It is having a forged steel frame that is warranted for life time and a 5HP motor that give the belt continuous motion.


  • Malibu treadmill motor- large 3 phase AC motor giving an output of 5HP
  • Malibu Belt- Equipped with runner grip surface with cotton polyester texture for efficient workout.
  • Malibu suspension- Air touch shock absorption system
  • Forged steel frame- Highly durable steel frame


Assembly size- 85L x 57H x 34W

Incline   0-18%
Running Surface   62L x 22W
Net Weight   395 lbs
Max User Weight   500 lbs
Speed Range   0.6-12 mph
Input Volt (V)   110V
Output   3000W
Operating Temp   0-82
Favorite features

Motor Spec (HP)   3Phase 5HP A/C Motor

Belt                                    Runner Grip Surface        with cotton polyester texture underneath
This machine reduces knee and joint stress up to 70%. It is having just the proper amount of cushion that prevents you from feeling the pain of walking and running.


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