Maternity Insurance: Here’s everything you need to know

Purchasing health insurance protects you against suddenly going bankrupt because of a health crisis. Among the several types of insurance policies is the maternity insurance plan – a standalone policy which can also be an add-on cover with a general base health plan. As the name indicates, a maternity insurance policy covers expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth, up to a limit.

What is the need for a special maternity insurance policy?

Maternity expenses are constantly on the rise, whether it is a normal delivery or a caesarean operation. If there are complications during or after delivery, there are additional costs to be borne. Having a maternity insurance policy can turn out to be quite helpful in such a situation. It is advisable to buy it early on because the waiting period can range from two to four years, and sometimes even six. This means that the claim can be made only after 2 to 6 years have passed after purchasing the policy.

What does a maternity insurance cover?

Maternity insurance covers the following charges:

  • Hospitalisation charges related to maternity, including pre-hospitalisation charges up to 30 days before delivery and post-hospitalisation charge up to 60 days after delivery.
  • The delivery charges – no matter what the manner of delivery – and post-delivery complications for the mother.
  • General hospitalisation costs such as consultation charges, room charges, nurse and surgeon charges, ambulance charges, etc.
  • A 90-day coverage for the new-born infant in case it is born with a congenital disorder or a critical illness, as well as vaccination expenses.

The plan has the following exclusions and conditions:

  • Pre-existing diseases that affect the pregnancy
  • Infertility treatment expenses
  • Medical expenses of ectopic pregnancy
  • Termination of pregnancy before 12 weeks from date of conception
  • The benefit limit is between ₹ 15,000 and ₹ 30,000 for normal deliveries and between ₹ 25,000 and ₹ 50,000 for caesarean deliveries.
  • The age limit for the insured is 45 years.

Here are some top maternity insurance plans:

  1. Cigna TTK Health insurance’s ProHealth Plus Plan, which offers maternity and new-born expenses in addition to vaccination cover for the first year. The maximum cover is ₹ 10 lakh, with a waiting period of two years.
  2. Apollo Munich Insurance’s Easy Health Family Floater, which has three varieties: standard, exclusive, and premium. The first is a regular health plan with benefits, and the second and third offer maternity and new-born insurance.
  3. Royal Sundaram Master Product’s Total Health Plus, which offers benefits in the range of ₹ 30,000 to ₹ 50,000. It has a waiting period of three years.
  4. Max Bupa’s Heartbeat Family Floater which provides silver, gold and platinum types of coverage for maternity and new-born insurance. Benefits are offered for up to two deliveries, provided the coverage under the policy has been given to the policyholder and the spouse for two continuous years.

Granted, maternity insurance policies have higher premiums and can strain the pocket a little, but in the face of mounting maternity costs, it is definitely a good choice to make. The waiting period can be a tricky issue because you have to carefully plan your pregnancy according to when you purchased the policy. Cigna TTK has one of the shortest waiting periods for maternity insurance: two years only. Head over to their website to check out their health insurance policies, here:

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