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Most recently, they believed that men in NYC, who paid attention to their hair, were pedants. Ordinary guys, as it was believed, use more than enough all-in-one means and nothing more. Now, this pragmatism has given way to a male status, which is a reflection of the individual image, where hair plays a crucial role, since it impartially shows whether the man pays enough attention to himself or not.

If you want well-groomed hair in New York, it needs to provide appropriate care in New York Barbershop, based on their type. In total, there are three types – normal, oily and dry.

Normal hair type occurs in men most often. It has good strength and elasticity and can maintain a fresh and healthy look for several days.

If the day after washing the hair loses its shape and sticks together at the roots, then you have an oily type.

Such hair can rightly be considered the most problematic. Brittleness is its main distinguishing feature.

As for the structure of hair it can be selected in other types:

Soft hair requires less care than tough, which also requires a good styling tool, as this is the naughtiest type. However, the owners of hard hair have not heard of such inconvenience as electrification.

Thin hair is able to maintain freshness and well-groomed appearance longer than dense, but the latter at the same time needs a special shampoo for a dense type of hair, as well as balm-rinse. In this case, thin hair often delivers the inconvenience associated with electrification.

Straight hair often needs less care than curly hair, which sometimes requires a whole set of styling products, including gel and varnish. On the shelves of stores, you can choose the best option for shampoo for both straight and curly hair.


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