Orthodontist Annapolis: Reasons to Visit an Orthodontist

It is common for people to discuss orthodontics and dentistry in the same breath as if the two means the same thing. But what most clients do not comprehend is that there are very many differences between the two professions. When thinking about orthodontist Annapolis, you should understand that these two professions require different educational backgrounds and undergo different training programs.

Education background aside, their areas of specialization are also very different. Additionally, the issues that a dentist handles are not the same issues handled by an orthodontist. Here are the critical factors you should consider before you decide to visit an orthodontist:


When deciding whether to visit the office of an orthodontist or not, Annapolis clients need to understand that this professional mainly deals with examining and treating issues like overbites. You can also visit their offices when you have spaced-out teeth, underbites, and overcrowded teeth.

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Some orthodontists have chosen to focus exclusively on adults, others on children, while others deal with both groups. Understandably, teeth misalignment occurs on varying degrees. The misalignment in some cases tends to be negligible while in others, it has the potential to impair speech, change a person’s face, or even lead to tooth decay.


The treatment for misaligned teeth requires the expertise of someone who has received extensive training and experience. If you visit a dentist and the prognosis comes back as severe teeth misalignment, you will normally be sent to the orthodontist for diagnosis and possible treatment. The orthodontist is first required to attend a dental school before attending an orthodontic residency training program for between 2 and 3 years. Statistics show that out of every 100 dental school graduates, only 6 will choose to pursue further training.

Available Treatment Options

During training, the orthodontist will be taught how to diagnose, and treat different problems pertaining to teeth misalignment. Today, the orthodontist can recommend different treatment options after observing your teeth. Common options that may be recommended include plastic aligners, traditional metal, Damon clear braces, ceramic, and in some cases, gold braces. It is advised that you take your time and consult your orthodontist about the available treatment options before you can choose one for yourself.

Teeth Whitening

Apart from providing you with braces as mentioned above, orthodontists also deal with the issue of teeth whitening. Many people are today visiting their offices to have their teeth cleaned. Orthodontist Annapolis professionals are experts when it comes to teeth whitening. It is best to consult an Orthodontist professional who has studied this art. Their training means that they can perform a better job than dentists.


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