Reasons to Enjoy Life After 40

Aging is not usually associated with something positive; it is something that nobody likes to listen to. However, contrary to what is normally thought, people who are over forty are more fit, healthier and happier. Too nice to be real? Keep reading and you will find scientific explanations that will make you change your mind.

Although turning forty may cause a bit of fear, the truth is that this new decade can be used to set new goals with smarter training, marked by precision and clearer objectives.

  1. Improvement of the resistance: The muscles are formed by individual fibbers designed either for resistance (slow contraction) or for strength (fast contraction). An analysis showed that adults aged between 61 and 84 years develop less muscle fatigue in general, compared to those aged 21 to 35 years. The researchers believe that this is partly due to a higher proportion of slow-twitch fibbers in the muscles as we age.
  2. The memory of the muscles: To be good at sports involving repetitive movements, a good dose of practice is necessary. But once our muscles get used to the rhythm, the muscles begin to remember and with a little help, these movements can be repeated efficiently.
  3. More time and motivation to train: According to a survey of single women, 59% said they practice sports more times a week now than when they were younger. As we get older, the reasons why we practice sports are different and focus more on avoiding health problems. People over 40 years of age play sports for health reasons, which are more constant.
  4. Stress is finally reduced: The negative consequences of chronic stress (risk of heart attack, anxiety, and depression) are more than known. But fortunately, age makes us learn to manage our stress levels. Stress reaches its highest level around 20 years and then drops steadily.
  5. Sex becomes more satisfying: In a recent study, researchers followed the health of 806 women. This study showed that 61% had improved their sex life over time. The study also concluded that most respondents were able to reach orgasm always or most of the time.
  6. The cheekbones are defined: When they turn 50, our features are stylized giving step to a more elegant face.
  7. We must stop smoke: More and more people decide to stop using conventional tobacco to switch to electronic cigarettes, the so-called vaping.  Go here to know more about vaping.
  8. The hair disappears: When we cross the barrier of 50 and enter menopause, our body hair begins to weaken. The repetitive use of wax or other methods of hair removal causes the follicles to weaken.
  9. The pores shrink: The beauty of the skin sometimes depends on the size of our pores. In some women, the skin improves with the passage of time, the sebaceous glands shrink and so do the pores.
  10. Negativity disappears: Scientists have shown that people think more positively after age 65. Scientists say that the amygdala actually begins to respond more positively before certain negative images with the age. It is also said that adults can handle negative emotions more quickly than young people because they tend to focus on the positive part of life

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