Some Amazing Side Effects of Winstrol You Must Know

It’s a good habit to research well about any steroid supplement prior to its use. It’s important since we all desire a healthy life, but should we believe everything we hear? Nope, rather we must do our own research.

There are a lot of myths circulating around about steroids. It is widely believed that steroids have very disastrous effect on human body. It’s important you educate yourself. We have done some research and shared a few details here, about the popular steroid, Winstrol.

There’s a common misconception among people that Winstrol causes roid rage. In simple language it is referred as “mood swings”. So, the question is, is it true?


Winstrol belongs to the group of androgen and anabolic steroid. Popularly called “Winny”, it is in rage among body builders and fitness freak because of its amazing body building effects.

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Amazing side effects of Winstrol

Testosterone hormone plays very important role in reflecting masculine characteristics and maintaining sex drive in male’s body. Sometimes there’s insufficient production of this hormone.  Winstrol helps in maintaining the testosterone levels. Apart from this, it also helps in

  • Getting lean and ripped muscles.
  • Enhancing strength and stamina.
  • Enhancing libido.
  • Eliminating fat.

So, is it legal or not?

It’s a prescribed drug which means it’s only available through prescription, so it’s 100% legal.

Is it responsible for Roid raging?

As mentioned earlier, a myth of causing roid rage is associated with Winstrol. Steroids react differently on different people depending upon age, health status, weight, genetics etc.

However, you may observe a little change while consuming any steroid for the first time, but that doesn’t mean it’s dangerous. It’s important that proper dosage cycles are taken into consideration. Just like other steroids, Winstrol affects you a little but it doesn’t cause roid rage or any aggressive behavior.

Some of the reasons responsible for after effects are:

  • Taking High dosages for quick results. Recommended dosage should be considered for effective working of any medicines.
  • Many people consume steroids even when they’ve serious health issues like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes etc. Steroids are prohibited to such people.
  • Not buying from trusted or certified sources or checking the ingredients or expiry dates of the supplements while purchasing.

If you’re still unsure about the steroids, we suggest you to consult a doctor or specialist to make sure if it’s safe for you or not. Remember, not everything we hear is true always. It’s possible that what we hear is just somebody’s opinion and not a fact!

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