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Our body is made of the most beautiful and intricate organs that can take years to mend if problems sneak in. Veins are responsible for pumping blood back to the heart and must be treated with care. Vascular disease foundation has found that, before we reach the age of 50 about 60% of us will be suffering from vein related diseases. Some important reasons or causes that give rise to vein related problems are,

Blood clots

Deep vein thrombosis is caused as a result of blood clots in the veins located deep inside. This kind of vein related problem occurs in the thighs and lower legs. Surgery, medications and injury may lead to DVT. Some of the symptoms are,

  1. That particular place happens to start swelling.
  2. You might experience cramping pain.
  3. Mostly the affected part may become reddish or bluish.

For assistance with this type of vein issue seek help from Advanced Vein Therapy.

Changes in weight

Obesity is also a major cause of vein related problems. They may be due to various reasons. To name a few,

  • A sudden change in lifestyle
  • Bad food habits
  • Pregnancy and other genetically driven causes

Excess weight might cause excess stress on your veins. This might be the reason for numerous vein related problems.


Your varicose vein will become larger during pregnancy due to various reasons which are painful. When you find blood clots you can undertake some home remedies. The doctors may recommend or suggest you undertake warm compresses or any other remedies. However, you might experience this every time you become pregnant.

Lifestyle changes

Some of your daily habits also happen to be the root cause of vein problems. If you are sitting or standing in a place without giving your legs a change of activity, then you are prone to phlebitis and other vein related problems. If your father or any of your close blood relative has suffered from vein problems then there is chance that you might get it.


Smoking comes with its own set of problems. It causes respiratory system related problems, cardiovascular problems and a list of others. It also affects the nervous system and veins. People who are addicted to smoking are more open to vein related diseases.

So take some preventive measures before its too late. Some measures by which you can prevent such problems include the following,

  • Have a perfect BMI. Then take steps in maintaining it. Don’t let it fall too much or rise too much.
  • Avoid smoking to a very large extent.
  • Also, avoid sitting or standing for quite a large amount of time. Take regular intervals to have a change of activity.
  • Above all food plays an important role. So take in healthy meal.

The problems that take their roots in our veins might paralyze our routine life as well. So take steps immediately to get yourself treated. There are various ways which doctors use to treat. In the midst of this fast running world take some pretty care of yourself. You might consider vein therapy if you are diagnosed with any such problem.

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