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While experiencing any form of medicine dependency, your body, brain and mind start to rely on that medicine. This form of medicine dependencyis common among those individuals, receiving long term treatments. Prescription medicines are suitable for covering your illness, but need to be taken on right dosage. Thanks to Rebound app, you get to support all users of such drugs in their current withdrawal procedures. This app is used to match personal needs and pays full attention in experiencing the rebound effect.

More about the app:

Want to take help of this app and prevent falling into the shackle of medicine dependency? If so, then you can get the chance to be first time users of Rebound app.  All you have to do is just log online to the fund raiser website and make a small donation for establishment of this app. You will be one of the first ones to receive a fully-functional app, to take control of your medicine dosage and avoid falling into dependency. You will be able to track symptoms with the help of this app. You can track your symptoms on a scale from 1 to 10 and can choose the side effects from the list, as mentioned in the app.

Step down program:

For avoiding medical dependency, you need to create your own step down program, depending on your body type, emotional changes and more. Helping you to create a personalized step down program is the main initiative of this application. With the help of this rebound effect, medicine is likely to become less effective on your body and that will help you to slowly get rid of its dependency. You can log online at or visit the Facebook page for more details on this particular form of app. Even doctors and healthcare professionals are recommending this app to the patients.

 Please sign up to be notified at and find them on facebook: Reboundx.

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