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The best cheap, healthy food for a family

Being healthy doesn’t have to mean big food bills.

Feeding a family is a significant financial burden (more info), especially when kids get to the teenage years and start to eat a lot more. Finding the time and money to get inspired to cook cost effective healthy meals for your family every day can be a real challenge. However, it’s not impossible, as some of the healthiest family meals are some of the cheapest too, according to the experts at the Solution Loans Money Blog (

Cheap and healthy food that tastes great too

Vegetables and vegetarian food

There’s no doubt about it, vegetables are probably the cheapest and healthiest option for feeding anyone, including a growing family. Creative cooking means that vegetables don’t have to be the enemy for kids today either. From vegetable stews and sauces, through to curries and vegeburgers there is a lot you can do with a vegetable to make it appetising. Flavour with soy, tamari, herbs, spices or a sprinkling of cheese to make vitamin and nutrient packed veges taste more exciting for everyone in the family.


Whether you’re a penne person or a linguini lover, pasta is one of the cheapest and most filling options for healthy carbs. It comes in many different variations too, including wholegrain and rice pasta for those looking for gluten free or low GI options. On its own, pasta doesn’t taste that great but it’s so incredibly versatile that it can be combined with a wealth of other flavours. Add sautéed vegetables, coconut yoghurt, lemon and olive oil for a super tasty quick and vegan pasta. Or combine with a hearty red tomato and meat sauce to make a classic spaghetti Bolognese.

Lentils and beans

These traditional vegetarian and vegan foods are super cheap and can easily be bought in bulk because they don’t tend to rot or go off like some fresher foods do. Both are also low in fat and calories and high in protein, fibre and complex carbohydrates. Plus, there are lots of great ways that you can use lentils and beans that will appeal to all the family. A lentil shepherds pie, for example tastes delicious and is cheaper than meat, lower in fat and more nutritious too. Beans provide a wealth of tasty dining options – black turtle beans are cheap to buy and provide a great base for lots of tasty cooking, such as enchiladas or black bean tacos. Just make sure your spicing is on point and serve with a delicious guacamole and some tomatoey salsa.

Potatoes and eggs

Did you know that potatoes have more potassium in than bananas? Or that they are a fantastic source of B6, magnesium and antioxidants? Potatoes are also some of the cheapest foods you can buy and very versatile too. From baked potatoes to mash and baked fries, potatoes can provide a filling and delicious basis for a meal that is super cheap. Eggs are also another family dining staple with lots of nutritious advantages – omelettes and tortillas are cheap and easy family-friendly foods that are rich in Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Calcium and Zinc.

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