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The Best Tasting Family Meals can Also Be the Healthiest

Every family would love to have the perfect meal together. Tasty food, good conversation, and a feeling of family, can combine to make a memorable occasion.

Are you interested in planning the perfect healthy meal for your family? To do this properly takes a little bit of planning and the need to purchase a few items that make a meal both delicious and healthy.

Free Range Meat

The perfect healthy family meal begins with a great choice for the meat that you sir.  Whether it is chicken, pork, beef, or lamb, the best choice in terms of the meat you serve to your family, is free-range or grass-fed meat.  The reasons for this are numerous and well document. They include the following:

Free-range meat is healthier: it comes from animals that have been raised on smaller Farms who have been fed high quality animal feed and lived their lives in healthier and more sanitary conditions. Free-range chickens are allowed to roam around the chicken coop as they would on any small farm. Free range pigs live in their own pens and aregiving enough room to move around, stand up and lay down whenever they please. Sheep and cows graze in fields and are fed high nutrient animal feed.

None of these animals are fed growth hormones or antibiotics. Instead they are allowed to grow naturally and healthy. They are also slaughtered humanely, and the high-quality treatment of their meat is continued by free range butchers who sell their meat.

As a result the quality and taste of free-range meat is unsurpassed. It provides more important nutrients than any other type of meat, and those who eat the meat, have a difficult time consuming meat from animals that have not been raised under these conditions.

You can use free-range meat, in any traditional or new recipe requiring meat. The result will be more flavor, better texture, and the good health of your family.

Make a Healthy Desert

Desert is often the part of the meal where people feel guilty because it is filled with too much sugar and has too many calories. The challenge is that desert really finishes off a great meal. As an alternative to rich cakes or creams, how about serving some delicious in-season fruits? Instead of going with the usual apples, grapes or oranges, try some exotic fruits like kiwi, persimmon, mangos, and pineapples. You can create an exotic fruit salad that tastes fantastic and is low in calories with no added sugar.

Make the Night Special

These days it is really expensive to take a family out to a nice restaurant for dinner, but you can get the same results at home at a fraction of the price. Plan a special night for your family where you let them know that you will be creating a special meal for them in a nice setting. This is the perfect time to use that formal dinnerware that you have been saving for a special occasion. You can even encourage your family to dress up for the occasion.

Have the entire family participate in the preparation and serving of the meal and it will be an event that you can do on a regular basis.

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