The best way to quit smoking

Gold cigarettes in smoking cessation is that instead of using a common method to quit smoking that creates a sense of climbing Mount Everest in you, and you have a few weeks in hand. Take a refusal to smoke a cigarette or feel sick with cigarette smoke, feel joy when you stop smoking, and you will feel that you have healed a dangerous illness after having stopped taking your cigarette. A dreaded prison that has been in a halo of smoke has been abandoned.

The 10 rules to stop smoking

  1. Set a stop date and stick to it.
  2. After stopping, absolutely avoid taking a cigarette, even a single puff: the risk of relapse is too important.
  3. Get rid of all cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays.
  4. Write the list of the inconveniences of tobacco and the benefits of the judgment.
  5. Use nicotine substitutes, Zyban or Champix. These products reduce the symptoms of withdrawal like irritability, nervousness, anxiety, depression, and problems of concentration, sleep disorders, increased appetite, weight gain, and irresistible urge to smoke) and doubles your chances of success.
  6. Ask others not to smoke in your presence. The first weeks, do avoid the places where you smoke. But, if you fail or don’t want avoiding these places, in that case decline politely but firmly any offer of cigarette. Be proud to stop smoking!
  7. Warn those around you that you have quit smoking. Get the support.
  8. Change the routine for avoiding the places as well as situations at the place you once smoked: for example leave that very table once the meal happens to be over.
  9. Use diversion activities for dealing with the urgent need for smoking (e.g., walking around, drinking water, chewing gum, washing your hands). The desire to smoke increases gradually reaches a “peak” and regresses spontaneously. The strong desire to smoke does not last more than 5 minutes. The more time passes, the more these longings diminish in amount and concentrate until complete disappearance.
  10. Tell yourself that being used to living without the tobacco can take time and often requires several attempts.

Why is it difficult to leave tobacco smoke?

Perhaps you’ve been quitting this substance many times. Why is it so difficult to leave this substance and stay away from it? The answer to this question is in one word, “Nicotine”.


Nicotine is an addictive drug like heroin or cocaine naturally occurring in tobacco. Over time, the human is physically dependent and mentally addicted to it. This physical attachment causes unpleasant abnormalities when leaving. Spiritual dependence (addiction) makes it harder to stay away from this substance. Studies have shown that tobacco users must face both physical and mental dependencies to succeed in leaving and staying away. Learn more about de-addiction here.

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