The Many Benefits of Pilates as a Form of Exercise

Pilates was named after Joseph Pilates, who, in the 1920s, introduced a new approach to exercising and fitness routines, and his concept was very much about combining physical and mental well-being. Since its introduction, Pilates has become a popular exercise program for those who are not so active, as it does not involve stressful exertion, and with the help of a qualified Physio, a person can alleviate all sorts of physical ailments.

Improved Flexibility

Pilates is credited with giving you improved flexibility, as there are many stretching exercises that strengthen muscles and tendons, and with the improved flexibility comes more agility. Continued practicing leads to stronger muscles, which in turn leads to a more active lifestyle and a healthier outlook on life.

Better Posture

Bad posture can be the cause of lower back pain and neck issues, and regular Pilates classes will usually correct bad posture and allow for more flexible movement. This is especially important for those in their later years, and a couple of sessions per week is the ideal way to stay active, and if you are looking for a class location,there are regular Pilates in Dianella, and with qualified health Physios on hand, you can be sure to enrol in the right class.

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Increase your Awareness

The increase in circulation that a Pilates session brings on will make you feel more aware of every nerve in your body, and with an increase of oxygen to the brain, you will feel calm and relaxed and likely more observant of what is going on around you. If you would like to know more about Pilates, and what it can do for you, an online search will bring up a list of health clinics, and with a little browsing, you will soon find one that has classes that fit with your schedule.

Minimal Exertion

For some people, a regular workout is just too much, and Pilates is ideally suited for someone who wants a slower pace, and with expert guidance, you can slowly build up your fitness level. There are many elderly people who prefer a couple of sessions of Pilates per week to any other form of exercise, and with the right level, you can receive maximum benefit.

Post-Operative Recovery

If you have recently undergone surgery, Pilates is the ideal way to encourage quick healing, and with the expert advice of a health Physio, you will soon be back to your usual, active self. It might take a couple of months without the help of a health Physio, and a trained therapist would know exactly what exercises will stimulate the healing process.

Many people have heard the name Pilates, yet really do not understand what it is, and with a little help from a trained Physiotherapist, you can receive many benefits from enrolling in the right class. If you would like a list of the nearest clinics to your home, an online search is the best place to start.

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