The Proven Benefits of Medicinal Cannabis

Fortunately, quite a few states now allow the use of medicinal cannabis. For too many years, elected leaders mistakenly held back on allowing doctors to prescribe cannabis to alleviate medical symptoms. At this point, the evidence is clear that cannabis serves a variety of useful medical purposes. Over the course of the past three decades, a whole host of studies have demonstrated how cannabis can help people with many different medical conditions. State governments throughout the nation have decriminalized medicinal marijuana to aid the health and happiness of their citizens.

Cannabis is most often used to treat chronic pain, loss of appetite, nausea and migraines. More rarely, doctors prescribe cannabis to treat issues like depression and anxiety. Government agencies should provide more funding for further research into the effects and benefits of medicinal cannabis. It is still far too difficult for academic researchers to gain approval and funding for research of this type. Nevertheless, it is easy to foresee a time when cannabis is decriminalized for medicinal use nationwide. Although it is impossible to exactly pinpoint how long with will take, nationwide polls show increased support for such decriminalization.

The most common way to consume cannabis medicinally is by smoking dried marijuana buds in a pipe. One hitters,, are very small pipes that are popular due to their highly portable nature. Even people with an aversion to smoking can use a variety of other measures to gain the benefits of medical marijuana. For example, many medical marijuana patients vaporize cannabis buds to get relief. Vaporizing involves indirectly heating the cannabis until it produces water vapor. Because the cannabis is not heated to the point of combustion, there is no carcinogenic smoke. Vaping has become popular in recent years, with people using handheld vaporizers to consume flavored nicotine fluid. However, too many don’t realize that medical cannabis users were among the first people to pioneer vaporizing. It is abundantly clear that vaporizing has the potential to improve public health.

Cannabis has proven particularly useful for people who have nausea or loss of appetite. In particular, cancer patients often experience these symptoms as side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Since these are some of the most ill people in society, they certainly deserve serious considerate attention and plenty of help. It simply isn’t fair for people to use the law to stigmatize sick people or criminalize their behavior. Even in some states where medicinal cannabis is officially allowed, far too many regulatory hurdles remain. It is critical for government officials, community leaders and patient advocates to work together and ensure that sick people can receive the medical assistance they need.

When medicinal marijuana first appeared on the scene in the 1990s, there were quite a few skeptics. By now, the medicinal benefits of cannabis are clear and uncontroversial. Until every sick person who needs this remedy can access relief, this society will remain guilty of perpetuating injustice. It is gratifying to see that our laws are now coming in line with the consensus of the medical community.

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