The sliding barn doors installation check-list

Sliding barn doors are beautiful flat-faced doors that also saves space in your home. You can choose from a variety of designs and materials as per your liking. However, before installing a barn door, certain requirements be met for the door to function as it should. Here are some of these requirements. 

You must have some space beyond the door frame 

For your barn door to open fully, there must be space beyond the frame that can hide a door half the size of the opening. Space should be on either side of the frame.

The barn door needs to be wider than the opening 

The barn door is installed on a track that extends beyond the frame. A door that perfectly fits in the doorway will leave a visible gap between the door and the track. This gap is covered by installing a door that is a few inches wider than the doorway. Measure the opening and add a few inches when purchasing the door.

Choose high-quality hardware 

The barn door acts as the focal point in the house. Your visitors will first see the sliding door when they enter the house. Therefore, it is important that you install a beautiful door made of quality materials. Moreover, with quality hardware, you will not be required to replace the parts now and then. Buy doors from reputable sellers and have them installed by knowledgeable installers. This ensures that you get a good looking door that will serve you for long. It may be a little expensive but worth the extra cost. 

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What style do you like

Barn doors come in varieties of styles, materials, and finishes. Look for a door that complement or matches with your office, home decor or your personal preference. Do not forget to ensure that the door provides the level of privacy that you would like to have. If picking glass, you can go for frosted or painted glass which guarantees more privacy than the plain glass. In addition, think of the mode of locking the door. Most sliding barn doors do not come with locks or latches.  

Look at the structure of the house around the doorway 

The sliding barn door is usually very heavy. You should be sure that the structure around the doorway can hold the weight of the door. Otherwise, the area might collapse if it is too weak to hold a heavy door.

If you are looking to renovate the home, you may consider installing a sliding barn door. It is a good choice for the wide doorways, where there is little room for the swinging doors or when you want to improve the look of your interiors. Ensure the door is installed right so that it functions well and looks great.


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