The Times Are A-Changing in Eden

The sixties and the seventies, what a time in history! We had John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr, muscle cars, and the Ten Finger Lid. These were the days of cannabis exploration in its infancy, with no high-bred weed in the picture for many years to come. Northern California was considered the Garden of Eden, Little Vietnam, to “where all the good stuff came from.” Present day there are many choices in strains of cannabis to choose from, due to the Pot Gurus of the sixties and the seventies, and the technology that followed until present day. Expo’s are being held all over the world to bring enlightenment to the public’s view of the beneficial attributes of cannabis, and product retailers have become connoisseurs of personalized artful glass, and wood.

The world is waking up to a phenom called cannabis that has been within grasp for centuries, but regulated, dismissed, and ridiculed for the last fifty-five years. In the “International Journal of Drug Policy,” a study was conducted involving two-hundred and fifty patients concerning the use of opioids and cannabis, with sixty-three percent of the patients choosing cannabis overall. Medical cannabis has brought that sixties and seventies generation back from the past, and is educating a whole new generation of artists and inventors. With this cannabis atmosphere prevailing all around us, it is not difficult to assume a personnel preference and identity to how we initialize our relationship with cannabis. The customary bong has become much more elaborate and new innovations have appeared such as vaporizers to give the consumer more options.

Glass blowing is considered a lost art, but still exists and has been thriving in the smoker’s industry for some time now. Glass can be imported from all over the world with many distinct patterns and origins to choose from. Glass blowing can be traced back to the Romans and their predecessors the Greeks. The Chinese have been involved in glass and pottery since before the 5th Century AD. Present day we have many options to fulfill our needs and choices are abundantly available. If you wish to purchase true Chinese glass, then a trip to China might be in your future. Another alternative is to visit an online Headshop such as the SmokeCartel which carries a large line of phenomenal glass with incredible artwork. Glass is considered sanitary and easily cleaned. Add the beautiful Chinese artwork and the remarkable glass work, you have a combination that is personally sensational. The Chinese have been practicing blown glass for thousands of years. I think they have it down by now.

Cannabis still has a lot of opposition in its way, but slowly society is beginning to understand and benefit from one of the most misunderstood medicines ever. If we are to move in the right direction, then it will take more than just the US States creating new laws. The federal government will have to drop its grasp on old cannabis law, and support the majority that wish to reform those old laws.

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