Thinking Of Getting A Gastric Bypass Surgery? Here’s What You Need To Know

Obesity is a serious concern for many American adults today. There are many long-term health problems caused by obesity which means addressing it is a priority. Many traditional weight loss methods involve dieting and exercising, but in some cases, the weight must be shed immediately and effectively. A viable option that many obese people turn to when they need to lose a significant amount of weight to save their lives is Gastric Bypass.

It is a major decision to undergo this life-changing surgery. There are many things to consider and weigh before making a final decision. Here is what you need to know about gastric bypass surgery to make a clear and level-headed choice:

1. Who Qualifies?

Not everyone who is obese is qualified for Gastric Bypass. Your doctor or surgeon will examine you in to check if you are good candidate. Here are some of the basic qualifications:

* A person who weighs 100 pounds or more their ideal body weight

* BMI of over 40

* People with conditions related to obesity like high blood pressure or Type 2 diabetes

* Good enough health to undergo operation and recover quickly

* Weight-loss programs have not worked in the past

* Psychologically fit

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2. What Happens To Your Stomach

Essentially a doctor will change how the stomach and small intestine handle the food you consume. After a successful surgery, the stomach becomes smaller and you will feel full faster and longer. This results in consuming less food and calories which leads to rapid weight loss. Take note that this restrictive surgery is permanent and it will forever change the way your body digests food and absorb nutrients.

3. Expect Excess Skin

Since Gastric Bypass will result in significant weight loss, the body mass will shrink, but the skin will stay stretched. This will leave a lot of sagging skin in different areas of the body. Some people will find this worrisome and it may even affect their self-confidence. Reconstructive surgery is a common option, but it is also very expensive. You need to be psychologically ready to face these challenges before undergoing the surgery.

4. Surgery Isn’t A Quick Fix

What you need to know about Gastric Bypass is that it isn’t a quick fix. After surgery and recovery, your surgeon will clear you for joining physical activity. This means you still have to do some exercise at least one hour a day and six days a week. The surgery may cut down your consumption of food, but you still need to work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Don’t make the mistake of simply relying on the surgery for weight loss.

5. Low-Risk Surgery

Despite being an invasive surgery, modern medicine has made Gastric Bypass relatively low-risk. A small percent are at risk for having major complications, but over 95% of all surgeries result in success all the way to recovery.

Many people are very willing to get Gastric Bypass surgery for weight loss, but not everyone knows a lot about the procedure. Talk to your doctor and ask questions when you are concerned or confused to help you make a better life-changing decision. You can also go to to read more on what you need to know about gastric bypass.
When weighing your weight loss surgery options, make sure you know what you need to know about gastric bypass. Visit our website today!

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