Top Five Foods that are Bad for Your Teeth

What you eat defines who you are and your teeth truly reflect that. Many foods and drinks cause plaque buildup on teeth, leading to severe teeth damage. Plaque is a sticky film filled with bacteria responsible for tooth decay and gum disease.

Sugars in meals or snacks cause the bacteria in plaque to release acids that erode your teeth enamel. Break down of the enamel results in the development of cavities. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children aged 6 to 19 often suffer from cavities as a chronic disease. Cavities cause chewing problems, pain and tooth abscesses.

Failure to floss or brush your teeth harden the plaque on your teeth, turning it into tartar. The harder form of plaque is an early sign of gum disease because it causes gingivitis if present above the gums. Therefore, it’s important to keep your teeth free from plaque. Apart from regular flossing and daily brushing of your teeth, visit your cosmetic South Yarra Dentist often.

Avoid various food responsible for depositing plaque on your teeth is also a good way of protecting your mouth from dental diseases. Avoid the following foods to keep your teeth healthy:

Top 5 Foods to Avoid for Healthy Teeth


  • Citrus Fruits


Citrus fruits such as grapefruits, oranges and lemons are tasty and juicy fruits. Although they’re rich in vitamin C, they acidic content can easily erode teeth enamel. As a result, the acidic juices make your teeth susceptible to decay. The citrus juices can still erode teeth even if mixed with water.

Moreover, they’re too harsh on mouth sores. Consume them in moderation to enjoy the vitamins and antioxidants they provide when taking your meals. After eating citrus fruits or drinking the juices, drink water to rinse your enamel and prevent likely erosion.


  • Alcohol


Alcohol isn’t healthy. Consumption of alcohol is bad for your health. Your mouth gets dry when you drink alcohol. Lack of saliva is typical of a dry mouth yet it’s important for the health of your teeth. Saliva doesn’t just wash away food particles in your mouth, but also lubricates your teeth, preventing what you eat from sticking on them.

Saliva can also prevent oral infections such as gum diseases and even repair early signs of tooth decay. Use oral hydration solutions and fluoride rinses, and drink lots of water to keep your mouth hydrated. Also avoid drinking alcohol to keep your teeth healthy.


  • Carbonated Drinks


Soda or pop, including ‘diet’ cans, have little to no health benefits. Just like crack cocaine and methamphetamine, according to a recent study, carbonated drinks are harmful to your teeth. Carbonated drinks trigger plaque to release more acid that’s harmful to your enamel. Therefore, drinking soda coats your teeth with acid and dries your mouth, leaving it barely any saliva.

Dark-colored carbonated drinks such as coke can stain or discolor your teeth. Avoid drinking lots of soda and if you have to, drink water after wards. However, never brush your teeth immediately after drinking soda to prevent tooth decay.


  • Ice


Ice isn’t just cold, but also hard despite comprising mainly of water. Ice, according to the American Dental Association, can damage your teeth enamel if chewed, resulting in cracked, chipped, loose or even broken teeth. Use chilled drinks or water instead of using ice. But, if you must use ice, dip them in your drink to avoid chewing.


  • Candies


Candy isn’t good for your teeth. When it’s sour, it contain more acids that can cause worse damage on your enamel. They also stick on teeth because they’re chewy, increasing your risk of tooth decay. Eat chocolate instead of sour candies because you can easily chew and wash its remains from your mouth.

The five foods discussed above are just some of the many foods harmful to your teeth. Other foods include bread, potato chips, dried fruits, coffee, sticky snacks, sports drinks and crunchy foods. Watching what you eat is as important as brushing your teeth daily to keep them healthy.

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