Use non-surgical methods for Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma is the swelling in your foot that arises because of an injury or pressure while running and wearing high heels. There can be the sharp, numbness or burning pain at bottom of your foot or toe. The doctors can provide you with various treatments like footpads and arch supports, strength exercise, corticosteroid injections and also can suggest the surgery. Many people fears for choosing the option of surgery.

But not to be worried as now many therapies and non-surgical methods are available to cure yourself. You can prefer to visit the center for Morton’s neuroma in order to get the relief that you want. These therapies have proven to be the effective treatment of this issue. These centers have a medical therapist who will provide you with various effective therapies.

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Various Non-surgical treatments

Your leg provides the support to your lower body and if it gets hurt the whole body has to suffer. Montana’s neuroma is a very painful situation that can be treated using the effective therapies and in rare cases, only you left with the option of surgery. Listed below are some of the non-surgical treatments that can be effective for your foot issue:

  • Contrast therapy: This is the first step of non-surgical treatments that includes alternating between heating pads and ice packs. These ice packs and heating packs will be placed on the foot for about 20 minutes each, one after another that releases the pressure and maintains the blood flow. This can be effective in the healing process.
  • Stretching and massage: After getting the massage therapy and flexibility exercises your foot gains some mobility, which allows you to start the muscle strengthening exercises. These exercises are done to develop strength in affected muscles like walking around the place on tips of your toe or picking pencil with the use of bare toes only. By strengthening the muscles the risk of preferring surgery option can be reduced.

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