Valid reasons to choose vaping over smoking – Are they really safer?

It has been more than a decade since the introduction of vaping but there is still too much of debate that are doing the rounds about whether vaping is safer than smoking. Though vaping is a rather new concept when compared to smoking, it has gained enough popularity in a very short span of time. E-cigarettes or vape pens have been used all over the world and with time, their demand is gradually soaring out of control. In fact, there are still many who are sceptical about the safety and health impacts of vaping and they remain confused about whether to choose vaping or to continue smoking.

Before you buy your first vape pen or e-cigarette from online sites like, you should first be aware of how they’re better than traditional cigarettes and why you should choose them. Here are few benefits.

#1: E-cigs don’t contain toxic chemicals

Tobacco cigarettes contain huge amounts of toxins and harmful chemicals. Cyanide, nicotine, arsenic, ammonia, lead and carbon monoxide are few of the most harmful chemicals and the list will keep going on. There will be around 24 harmful chemicals which can be produced when you smoke and which are all directly related to cancer. Vape juice, on the other hand, contains fewer chemicals. The ingredients used are VG, PG, e-liquids and other food flavors.

#2: Less harmful to human health

Smoking is usually related to mouth cancer, lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases and respiratory issues. In fact, this has been proved for a very long time that smoking is injurious to health and you also have a statutory warning on the packets of the cigarettes. The carcinogens which are present in the chemicals are extremely harmful for human health. As these are not present in e-cigarettes, they are automatically better for health.

#3: Electronic cigarettes are less addictive

As nicotine smoking is extremely addictive and tough to quit, people are heavily addicted to smoking tobacco cigarettes. However, as long as e-juices are concerned, they don’t necessarily contain nicotine. Nevertheless, if you want, you may include nicotine checking the strength that you would prefer taking.

#4: Helps you ditch smoking

The first reason behind vaping is to be able to quit smoking. There are enough evidences and proofs that chain smokers have ceased smoking after 3 months of vaping. Hence, an e-cig is an effective smoking cessation tool.

Therefore, if you’re still confused about whether to vape or smoke, you should choose the former as it has got several benefits to reap.

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