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Dr. Brian Abrams is a certified Optometrist, offering a selection of eyecare services for your entire family. The attention practice at Vaughan and Woodbridge is a complete service practice, offering everything from routine annual examinations to emergency attention. With an emphasis on early detection, Dr. Abrams address most common vision difficulties, giving special attention to abnormal signs and symptoms.

Young or old, early detection is critical to proactive identification and efficient therapy. Truly, with many eye-related diseases (macular degeneration and glaucoma) detecting early symptoms is crucial to a productive outcome. For patients in Vaughan and Woodbridge, Dr. Abrams offers quite a few eyecare services, together side a modern optical boutique with a broad selection.

At Dr. Abrams’ eye clinic in Vaughan, new patients are welcome

For brand new patients and new appointments, the practice can be reached directly at 905-850-2400. In addition, on the web appointments can be arranged by filling out the appointment form having a date and time. The clinic is situated in the northwestern corner of Highway 7 and Pine Valley Drive.

Comprehensive eye examinations

Regular eye exams are vitally critical as a normal physical exam. Dr. Abrams does a thorough eye exam, appraising overall eye health, and making recommendations based on assessment results.

Lens fittings/evaluations

While lenses might well not be for everybody else, recent improvements and new materials supply a collection of patient choices. Dr. Abrams will assess after which determine an individual’s suitability.

Medical treatment of eye ailments

As soon as an eye disorder is diagnosed, Dr. Abrams is able to directly treat many conditions. He’s also established a close network of eyecare professionals with additional specializations.

High Level laser vision correction

Now, there is an assortment of technologies for laser vision correction. Dr. Abrams will determine whether a patient is the optimal candidate, and will subsequently talk about the pros and cons of this procedure.

Having an eye practice in Vaughan, specialist Eyecare is in hand

Because not all people have got the same eye care needs, regular eye exams are recommended at every age. But for all those patients who suffer from diabetes, ocular problems, or nausea, it’s much better to have more frequent eye exams.

Anyone experiencing unknown symptoms will be wise to see an eye care professional whenever possible. Immediate maintenance and care may be needed — and even emergency attention. It’s much better to be safe than sorry.

The ideal way to responsible eye care is to be personally proactive. Even though it’s important to be careful everyday, it’s also important to be aware of some unusual symptoms and signs.

  • Blurry eyesight or focusing issues
  • visual disturbances/floating items
  • irregular and/or recurring headaches
  • eyestrain or eye fatigue or eye discomfort
  • slow continuing vision degradation
  • eye wracking in order to enhance focus

Emergency Eye Care providers at the local eye clinic at Vaughan

Accident or mishap, emergency eye care is frequently necessary, and without a notice. Certainly, a sudden lack of vision is actually a indication that something is seriously wrong. This is where an early assessment and identification is critical. All things considered, the ideal option with severe eye trauma is that the ER.

Perhaps not every thing may be an emergency, but an eye ailment that’s regarding should be addressed immediately — such things as sudden diminished eyesight; light flashes or floaters; strange release; or even extreme eye discomfort. Here again, premature appraisal delivers the best possibility of treatment.

Contact lenses have been customized to suit a patient’s personal requirements

Dr. Abrams’ eye clinic in Vaughan delivers professional contact lens examinations and fittings. Together with connections, it’s important to have all customized to match the eyes, the visual requirements, and the individual’s individual way of life.

Contact exams are essential — the lenses must fit suitably and also the cornea (the top layer of the eye) must be fit. Dr. Abrams also advises patients regarding proper day-to-day maintenance and lens care.

Depending upon the patient, Lenses Can Be Found in a number of different compositions:

  • Everyday wear lenses
  • lenses for dry eyes
  • coloured contacts
  • multifocal lenses
  • specialty Pictures

Visit Dr. Abrams eye care practice in Vaughan and Woodbridge today for a range of eye care services to fit your requirements.

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